Thursday, June 11, 2015

June Monthly Challenge Color Palette

This month's painting is bursting with pink, red, orange, golden yellow and rich greens and hints of purple. I love how the colors contrast against the white leaves, I would probably add in some lighter colors to this bright palette in creams and off-whites.

You could focus on a single leaf theme or create the over-abundance portrayed in the art by layering leaves together. Anyone else see fringe in the leaves down at the bottom of the painting? 

No matter which direction you go in this month, have fun playing with the relationship of your chosen colors, as they play back and forth in the painting causing your eye to jump from one color combination to the next. 

Did you know they made a movie about our artist this month, Seraphine? Check out the trailer below.


Mary Harding said...

Love this painting and the palette. Thank you so much for telling us about the movie. I found it on Netflix and added it to our Queue!! And than moved it to #1 position.

Terri said...

Going to check out the movie and thanks for the tip it is on Netflix, Mary