Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Etsy Picks

I'm getting in early this month with the Etsy picks. Just in case you haven't seen this month's challenge image - or if you need a remindered, here it is.

One thing that really attracts me to this image is the range of indistinct neutrals: the greys, grey blues, olives, and ochre. So, I thought that today I'd focus on that range of colours, along with the patterns and textures of the shells. You might want to make a feature of these shades in your designs or you may want to combine them with hits of bright red, orange or yellow. In either case, I hope you'll see something here that catches your interest or your imagination.

Bye for now, Claire


marymc202 said...

The links for the first two shops on Etsy that you list don't appear to work. Thought you would like to know.

Claire Lockwood said...

Thank you, Mary! And Sorry! I have corrected them.

Unknown said...

I have some of those lovely discs from Taneres and I love neutrals. Beautiful beads and inspiration