Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Designing with Beaded Chain

I have found a new favorite beading supply and I wanted to share it with you.  It's beaded chain and it comes in endless varieties.  I have seen it made with crystals and gemstones as well as wire tones in silver, gold, bronze and gunmetal.  You purchase it off of spools by the foot.  I have been purchasing it in 2 feet increments for 12" on each side, along with the closure and pendant - it's a fast and pretty necklace design option.

For my project, I have 2 feet of matte striped agate gemstones wire wrapped in 24 g gunmetal wire.  I also have a spool of matching wire, coordinating size 6 brown seed beads, a gunmetal lobster claw clasp and two 1 1/2" pieces of silk ribbon.  For tools, I need wire cutters, flat and round nose pliers.

Start by finding the middle point of the chain and cut 2 gemstone links off being careful not to cut the wire loop on the end of the chain piece.  Remove the wire from the 2 beads and set aside.  Cut two 3"pieces of wire.  Take the clasp and a bead - now make a matching size to the chain wire wrapped loop and attach the clasp before closing the loop.  String the bead and make another wire wrapped loop and attach it to the 12" piece chain before closing the loop.  Do the same thing again but make the loop a bit larger for the clasp to attach to.  Now to attach the pendant.

Cut two 4" pieces of wire.  Make a wire wrapped loop and attach the pendant before closing the loop. Make the top wire wrapped loop and attach it to the chain link before closing the loop.  Do not cut the wire tail.  Wrap the silk around the pendant loop up to the wire loop.  Start to wrap the wire around the ribbon and add a seed bead 5 times around and position the bead in place so it looks balanced. Secure the end of the wire by pressing it with the flat nose pliers.  Repeat on the other side.  This hides the pendant loops and gives the necklace a nice finished look.

Now you have a lovely necklace to wear that takes less than 30 minutes to make.  What's not to love about that? :)

I hope you will enjoy this technique as much as I do.  Michelle from Firefly Design Studio

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Ann Schroeder said...

Great project! I love beaded chain. Your necklace is beautiful.