Saturday, May 12, 2007

Findings Worth Finding - Finishing Touches

What separates a good piece from a great piece? Finishing. This is true in any medium and jewelry is no exception. Finishing isn't something that the average customer would look at and say, "Hey, this bracelet is finished really nicely" but the overall feel conveys that something is different about the piece. Finishing.

Today's post highlights a way to finish your clasped ends whether you're using beading cable or a more delicate string.

First up are Wire Guards, shown here. I found them available on line at Not only will they protect your beading cable or wire but they look nice and allow your clasp to move more freely.

Along the same lines is French Wire, which is a fine silver coil that you cut to the length you need and slide onto the loop in the same fashion as the Wire Guards above. I found this tutorial for using French Wire (a/k/a boullion) at Beadwork: One source of French Wire is at Rings & Things.

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