Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Findings Worth Finding - Wire Mesh Ribbon

I had seen wire mesh in magazines and catalogs and was intrigued. But I had thought the mesh would be scratchy or uncomfortable to wear, so I passed it up. I'm so glad I spotted it a bead show this weekend. The texture is soft and supple. It's very easy to manipulate. You just give a little tug and it ruffles out. It's perfect for creating leaves or wave effects. I've seen it used in so many designs, it's just one of the things you have to play with to see what will happen. Here is an article on ways to use wire mesh ribbon. And a free project from Fusion Beads. (I'd use art beads instead of crystals.)

Colors used in the top necklace, Cocoa Wire Lace, the bottom example is Turquoise Wire Lace. Wire Lace is a brand of wire mesh ribbon, you can find a rainbow of colors at Fusion Beads. Art beads used can found at Humblebeads.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, as always, Heather!


melanie brooks said...

I have had fun with this mesh too! It is basically a tube so you can also string beads INSIDE it! I have an example of this technique on my blog:

I like what you have done with it, Heather!

fabricatedends said...

These are wonderful.

fabricatedends said...

Where did you purchase the wire mesh ribbion? I would like to give it try.

Heather Powers said...

i purchased this from a local seller. you can find it at


Dan said...

Good blog and nice wire mesh ribbon.