Thursday, May 3, 2007

Free Project: Purple Metamorphosis Necklace

Purple Metamorphosis necklace designed by Melanie Brooks Lukacs

This necklace project celebrates the changes of Nature using butterfly and flower imagery, intertwining detailed porcelain and pewter art beads with colorful flowing silk. This necklace can easily be customized in almost color combination, by choosing coordinating colors for the silk and porcelain components. Also, the necklace can be altered in size by trimming the silk shorter or leaving it longer. We hope you will enjoy this free project!

1 porcelain 1” Triple Moth charm in amethyst color
2 porcelain 5/8” Butterfly Wreath links in amethyst color
1 porcelain ½” Tiny Butterfly charm link pair in amethyst color
1 pewter 40 x 15mm Butterfly Centerpiece
4 pewter 12x16mm flower links
1 set pewter toggle clasp, floral
14 sterling 5.3 x 3.2 mm oval 18ga jump rings
2 sterling silver 3mm cord crimp ends
2 silk strings 42” one purple and one pink

Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers

Finished Size: 24”


Starting with the pewter butterfly centerpiece, insert an open jump ring into each of the two bottom holes closest to the center. Insert the triple moth charm into both jumprings and close them both securely. Open two more jump rings and insert into the holes in the tips of the wings of the centerpiece. Attach to the bottom loops of the butterfly wreath links and close.

Step 2:

Continue attaching the links together with the jumprings, by attaching the pewter flower links to the butterfly wreaths on each side. Attach the tiny butterfly charm links to the flower links. Finish by attaching a flower link to each tiny butterfly. Add a final jump ring to the final loop of each flower link.

Step 3:

When all the linking is complete, string the silk strings into the bottom two jump rings, at the bottom of the pewter butterfly centerpiece, starting from behind. String them through until you have the cords centered. Starting on one side from the back side, bring the two cords up to the jump ring on the tip of the wing. String the cords through the jump ring from opposite sides, so they intersect in the middle of the jump ring. Bring the strings up to the next ring and string them through opposite sides again, also intersecting inside the jumpring from the back. Continue this process until the last link. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4:

Using the ruler, measure the necklace and determine the desired length (the clasp will take up about 1 inch, so factor this length into your measurement). On one end, at the measured mark, fold both cords over and insert into the cord crimp end. Flatten the inside tube of the crimp end with your round nose pliers. Repeat on the other side. Trim the loose ends of the cords close to the base of the cord crimp ends. Attach the toggle clasp to the rings on the cord crimp ends, using jump rings to make the attachment.

Porcelain charm and links: Earthenwood Studio
Pewter centerpiece: Green Girl Studio
Silk strings: Silk Painting is Fun
All other materials: Rio Grande


Jessica Sharrah said...

Gorgeous necklace!!!!

macati said...

this necklace is so beautiful!!!