Saturday, June 9, 2007

Beads that Benefit: Postcardians

Dear Art Bead Scene Readers,

I'm organising a competition to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer & this is where the Postcardians come in to the picture. Kim Miles, Margot Potter & Jean Yates along with many other glass artist & jewellery designers have been very kind & have not only joined us, but have mentioned this competition in their blogs. In doing this, they have opened doors for me that might otherwise be shut. The more doors that we can open, the farther we can spread information about ovarian cancer. Someone's life might be saved by this.

I wondered if you would consider joining us? A Roll of Honour can be found here and the main details can be found here.

All you would have to do is to send me a postcard (I'm donating $1 to Ovarian Cancer Action for every postcard I can persuade people to send me) and in return, you might win a prize. I will also add links to your website & blog to the competition's blogsite.

If you do decide to join us, I will give you a code for the drawn as well as my earthly address . If you would like more codes - bless you!
As soon as I receive your postcard, I will scan it & post it on the Postcard blog for us all to share.

The draw will be held on Sunday 1st July 2007. As soon as my dear MILlie* has handed me the winning numbers, I will race to my computer & share the news. The three prizes will start their journey to the winners on Monday 2nd July as will my cheque to the organisers of Ovarian Cancer Action.

Thank you very much for reading this message. Could I ask you to do one more thing for me? Rude as it may seem, please could you say 'PANTS to Ovarian Cancer' to all the women you know or refer them to the Ovarian Cancer Action website which is here ( or indeed any of the organisations who are trying to spread the word about ovarian cancer.

My mother mistakenly thought that her symptoms were caused by the menopause - her doctor AGREED! Her symptoms worsened, but still the doctor insisted that it was just the menopause & that it would all go away in the fullness of time - I'm sure you can imagine what I thought of that. Eventually he agreed to some further investigations & they revealed ovarian cancer which was too advanced to treat. Please don't let this happen to you or any of the women in your life. We have to make a big fuss about this.

My mother's doctor wasn't a bad doctor - he was a GP with a lot of menopausal women on his list to whom he could only offer ten minute appointments. If he'd had some leaflets in his surgery for his patients to refer to, his ladies might have been a little more demanding. I don't think about this as a matter of blame - we're all going to die & we've all got to die of something. In my opinion, it's a matter of education. We are going to die, but with the right facts in our armoury, we might be able to avoid an early death. Please talk to all the women you know. To borrow the cliché - 'We're worth it!'

Here is an essential link - it's what every woman should know -

What do you think? Would you like to join us?

With thanks & best wishes

Jennifer xox

* M(other) I(n) L(aw) lie

1st prize, bracelet by Jennifer Dangerfield with beads by Beverley Hicklin.

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Sarebear said...

I'm going to go check out all those links; this is SO important!

Thanks for spreading the word.

Oh, and a funny quote I ran across, that reminded me of this month's cake theme:

A grandmother is a mother, with more frosting.

or something like that, lol! I guess some things DO get better with age!! Bring on the frosting . . .