Saturday, June 23, 2007

Findings Worth Finding - Adjustable Toggles

When I first started making bracelets I wondered what the ideal size was. I wondered how jewelry designers got around the fact that not all wrists are created equal. Did they make many different sizes? Did they resize for every customer that came to them? How could something so simple throw me into such a quandry?

Then I discovered adjustable toggle clasps. Yay! Now the same bracelet could work for a range of sizes. The toggle shown here can be found at: Who Has Time.

The ones that I have include three rings for an even longer extension. If you don't like them that long you can always snip off one of the rings with your wire cutters. If you do like them that long but they seem a little bare compared to the rest of the bracelet or necklace you can wire wrap some components and add some bling that way.

If you know of other versatile toggles like this, leave us a comment. Our readers love to get resources!

Lori Greenberg is a glass bead artist that blogs, a lot, from her studio in Cave Creek, Arizona.

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