Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finger Weaving

Being an art bead maker rather than an art bead user, I often admire the intricacies and ingenuity of great jewelry designs that incorporate our handmade beads. While trying to catch up with my endless list of sites-I-really-want-to-follow-up-on I came across Robin Atkin's post about finger weaving.

Shown at the right is a tassel she recently finished with an awesome glass art bead by Jenny Friske-Baer of Divine Spark Designs. The post went on to talk in-depth about the cording used for finger weaving.

As I looked further I saw that Robin wrote a book last year, Beaded Treasures: Finger Woven Bracelets, Necklaces, Tassels & Straps, and has many others. I have long admired these colorful corded pieces of jewelry and always thought they were beyond my abilities. Robin makes it sound easy and you know what is on the way to me? Yep. One of her books. You can bet that I'll be back here to review it!


Heather Powers said...

thank you for posting this Lori. It's looks very interesting!

Robin said...

Whoa! How could I have missed this blog for so long??? Thanks Heather for letting me know about this post (blush), but more importantly for the blog!!! It's going on my favorite blog list immediately. Oh man, how much I adore lampwork beads is quite beyond my ability to express.

If any of your readers are new to my blog, Beadlust, they might want to check out my post on glorious green glass beads.

Thanks for the nod! Robin

Sarebear said...

Hey Robin, your fingerweaving is cool! I've been subscribed to your blog for over a year, I think (guess I'm a lurker there, lol!) Your books and this technique are on my list of musts and wants. Course, my cash doesn't begin to TOUCH that list, lol! I've noticed an upsurge of people talking about and posting about finger-weaving lately, and showing off what they've done.

This blog is fairly new, so you haven't missed it for THAT long!

I want to finger-weave a strawberry tassel with some of Melanie's strawberries, and other strawberry charms and beads and stuff. That would be LUSCIOUS . . . can you imagine a white/yellow (to represent the strawberry blossom) or green (for the strawberry leaves) top to such a fun thing?

SWEET, hee hee. My mouth is watering thinkin about it . . .

Joan Tucker said...

Thanks for article and book listing; I love tassels and collect them; this tassel is great. Joan T Off Center Productions