Monday, June 4, 2007

How do you define your jewelry?

I've always wondered what to call the jewelry that is made with art beads. Before reading any further, think to yourself, do you know what it is called? How do you describe your own jewelry?

It is not 'fine' jewelry, despite the fact that it is of high quality and uses the finest art beads. 'Fine Jewelry' defines something made by a goldsmith with gemstones. It is not costume jewelry, which is made with low-cost materials and often mass produced.
The obvious choice for definition is 'artisan jewelry' although there is another term that I came across that calls it 'bridge jewelry' in, it bridges the gap between fine and costume. While artisan jewelry sounds like it would be a better selling title, bridge jewelry is a great way to explain where our jewelry falls on the spectrum.

Lori Greenberg is a glass bead maker that blogs from her studio in Cave Creek, Arizona.


Heather Powers said...

There is an article about bridge jewelry from the retailer's perspecitve that designers might like to read. You can find it here:

you have to register, but it's worth the read.

Anonymous said...

I just ran across this expression, and I thought it meant jewelry a woman wore to a bridge game.