Sunday, July 15, 2007

As the Bead Turns 7/15

Bringing you the dirt and drama from bead obesssed bloggers...

Cyndi is starting a new series especially for people who want to get into designing their own original work.

As part of her Christmas in July theme for the month, Tammy at Jewelry and Beading has a super easy beaded wreath that is perfect to do with the kids.

Katie shares a sneak peek at the artists who share projects and inspiration on series 700 of Beads, Baubles & Jewels.

Jen discovers episodes of her DIY Network show Craft Lab on You Tube including the episode called Beaded Jewelry with guest Maya Brenner author of Beaded Jewelry: Create Your Own Style.

Tutti, Fruity, and Felty Pebbles! Candie can't decide if they should be strung in a bracelet or magnets. See for yourself!

Jean gets about as serious as Jean can get, and discusses what this past year writing her book, Links, was like.

Another fabulous free project? Can it be true? Yes! BQOTU Margot Potter shares a third free project from her sensational new book Sparkletastic! Viva La Sparkle!

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