Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bead Soup

Recently, while at a trunk show, a beautiful woman, who looked to be possibly in her late 60s, came in to find some pieces as she explained she was interested in learning to bead. Right then and there I spotted a new role model. I certainly hope as I age, I too will always be open to and excited about learning new things. But it only got better from there. One of Oramentea's great shop workers, Lee, was helping this novice beader/designer choose a focal pendant with complementary beads and cord. As they talked, Lee explained how beading was similar to making soup. Get some ingredients, stir them up and see what you've got. Maybe you need a little more of something, maybe you need to turn down the heat, maybe throw in a couple of potatoes to take up some of that extra salt.

From there the woman blended in advice that could only come with age and experience, guessing that however this necklace turned out, for her next beading project she will have more ideas and history to go on. As I sat there with my ears wide open, my mind began to stretch the analogy further -

Perhaps you are working toward a classic flavor:

Linda Jean Bell

maybe something spicy:

South Jersey Bead Society June 2007 Challenge

something with a subtle taste:

Natalie Ferguson of Express Yourself

something out of the ordinary to beat those mid week blaas:

or a single serving just for you:

Carol McKinney

Any way you make that soup or string your beads - its just a good thing. Good for the soul and makes a body look good! Send us a link of your favorite bead soup...


Andrew Thornton said...

I love Ornamentea! Everything about that store is great. From the wonderful couple who owns it, to the great selection of beads (lots of Art Beads), tons of unusual findings and antique goodies, and the fun and funky decor! I always say that it's the Anthropologie of bead stores. It's definitely one of my favorites. We love doing trunk shows there. Green Girl Studios has such a loyal and devoted clientele there who are a true pleasure to see when we're in town.

That woman was truly lucky to stumble into such a supportive and creative store. I don't think a lot of the locals realize what a true gem they have on their hands!

Tari of ClayButtons.com said...

Ellen at Earthfaire.com creates some pretty cool bead soup bracelets. She used some of my buttons with loops to create some fun knitted bead bracelets.

Bead Soup

Bead Stew

Elaine Ray said...

Andrew, Thanks for your comments! I agree about Ornamentea - there is not a better place for someone to get started beading!

Tari - Thanks for the links! Those are some really great pieces.

- Elaine

Anonymous said...

I love that green bracelet!