Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Call for Beaded Art: Art Bead Dolls

The Land of Odds is hosting their third bi-annual Beaded Art Doll Competition. The theme for the competition is "Celestial Reflections." What is a Beaded Art Doll? From the Land of Odds website:

"A Beaded Art Doll is a physical representation in three dimensions, using human figural and expressive characteristics, through the creative use and manipulation of beads. Beads are a unique art medium, allowing multidimensional surface treatment, and phenomenal opportunities for interplay among colors, light, shadow, texture and pattern. Beaded Art Dolls submitted as entries for this Competition should be immediately recognizable as a “Doll” as defined above.

That said, Beaded Art Dolls submitted as entries for this competition may be realistic, surrealistic, whimsical or imaginary. They may be humanistic, animalistic, caricatures, cartoons, impressions or abstractions. The doll may take many forms, including a figure, purse, box, vessel, puppet, marionette, or pop-up figure.

Beaded Art Dolls should be between 8” and 36” in size. The surface area of the doll must be at least 80% composed of beads. "

The Land of Odds has posted detailed information on their website with lots of helpful links to assist you in entering. Deadline is August 31, 2007 - get your art beads and needles and be creative! Good luck!

(Photo credit: St. Fedupia by Kathleen Lynam posted on the Land of Odds website.)

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