Friday, July 20, 2007

Simply Beads - August part 2

Previously I introduced you to the August issue of Simply Beads highlighting Melanie Brooks Lukacs' article about ceramic beads and pendants. Here is another article by Melanie in that same issue - her fabulous "Beachcomber Bracelet" on page 28.

To make this bracelet Melanie used wire mesh tubing to encase glass beads. I have never used mesh tubing, but really like the way it jazzes up the look of the bracelet between the beach charms. It got me remembering my charm bracelet from when I was a kid (looonnngggg time ago!) and wondered if I could now instead make a Mood Bracelet. I could clip on what ever art beads I wanted to set my mood for the day. My own wrists are something I see about 1 million times a day - could I help set my state of mind just by glancing at the bracelet so often??????

In place of jump rings, imagine using cute little lobster claws to hook and unhook the charms from this same basic bracelet. You could:

Have a Rock'n Day at the Pool with Your Friends:

Transport yourself to a Starry Sky Full of Romance:

Do the Cha Cha in the Streets, wearing fancy shoes and a bright pink rose behind your ear!

Grab the love of your life and go have a Popsicle in the Park:

Put on that new summer frock and head out for a Day at the Art Museum:

Take a Trip Back in Time:

Join a Drum Circle to set your body in motion.

Send us a link showing your favorite Mood Altering Art Beads!

- Elaine


Heather Powers said...

Elaine, I love this idea! I think I see a Van Gogh charm bracelet in my future.

Sarebear said...

Ohmygosh I'm wondering if something could be done based on Renoir's Garden at Mont Martre . . . in patterns that suit that painting and feelings it evokes, as well as colors of course which is obvious.