Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beadmaker Interview - Gabriel Studios

Today our beadmaker interview is this month's sponsor, Michele Gesign. I'm a huge fan of her sculptural and painted beads, each one seems to have a story.

1. What is your personal name, business name, website and location? Michele Gesing
Michele Gabriel Studios
Ohio US

2. What kind of beads do you make? What kinds of processes do you use? What is your favorite beadmaking technique?
I work in polymer clay, but I also like to incorporate drawing and painting. I use mostly white clay, adding color with paint and liquid polymer clay.

3. How did you get into beadmaking? What are some of the important things you do for your business?
I started making beads because I simply couldn't purchase/find the beads I had in mind. I offer to do custom work for the same reason. Clients have an idea in mind and I love bringing it to fruition.
4. What is your workspace like and how do you work in your studio? What is a typical day like?

Right now my workspace is carved out of another larger room. I've tucked my many shelves and worktable behind curtains at one end of the great room because I couldn't stand being away from the rest of the family for long. (The quote from The Wizard of Oz comes up quite often, "pay no attention to the (woman) behind the curtain.") I have metal shelves with lots of plastic drawers for clay storage, my toaster oven and my lightbox for photos. Unfortunately, I have a day job that doesn't allow me to make things until evening. I become a beadmaker about 10:00 at night.

5. How do you stay inspired and motivated?

Inspiration has never been a problem. There are so many things I want to try that it's almost overwhelming at times. Since my studio time is limited, I'm always anxious to get back behind the curtains and make something.

6. What type of beads and jewelry designs do you feel best compliment your art beads?

I just really enjoy seeing what designers do with my work. I've been so surprised to see how others perceive what I've made and how it has inspired them. It's fascinating to see one of my pieces incorporated into someone else's vision.

7. What beady plans do you have for the future? Do you have new designs or ideas you will be exploring soon?

Something is always swirling in my head, I just need to let it out. I've been thinking about architecture so much lately. Arches and columns are bound to end up in polymer clay somehow.

8. If you have a discount code you would like to give our readers, please list it here, including the expiration date:

I'd love to offer a 10% discount in my Etsy shop through February 2008. Use code FEB at checkout.

Thank you Michele for sharing some of the process that happens in your studio. We look forward to seeing your new work!


capitolagirl said...

Thanks for telling us about Michele's beads, they are wonderful and really original!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

these are stunning! all of you are so very talented in so many varued ways!


Noel said...

I just happened upon your blog and I'm enjoying everything about it. What an inspiration to see all the beautiful pieces of art. The beadmaker intervews are very interesting. I've worked with PC to make faces for my beaded dolls but my work is pale in comparison to the lovely pieces you are showing here. I plan on learning a lot...hehehe! So I guess I'll grab my cup of coffee and sit a while.
Thank you for the pleasant visit and I'll be back often.

Susan Clinkscales said...

I own a few of Michele's beads and the crafts(wo)manship is outstanding! I haven't used them in a design yet, I'm saving them for something special. Thanks for the great interview! :)