Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bead Scoop: Mamacita Beadworks

You've probably noticed that Mamacita Beadworks is everywhere lately in jewelry design. D'Arsie Manzella creates delicious little pewter masterpieces that catch the eye and evoke a sense of nature and creativity in every piece. I first discovered Mamacita Beadworks in the very beginning of my Etsy adventure back in May of 2007, when I bought this little sweet bird for my friend's birthday. Since then, I have loved using all of D'Arsie's beauties in my work. I wanted to share with you a small online interview that I had the pleasure of having with D'Arsie.

Where are you from?
~Lakewood, NY

How long have you been making pewter beads?
~I have been sculpting beads for fifteen years, and began working in pewter two years ago.

What inspired you to get started with this craft?
~I have worked with polymer clay and pottery for most of my life. I created pieces that were one of a kind. I have always wanted to touch more people with my artwork and casting has allowed me to do that. Working in metal balances me somehow; it brings me down to earth and I have a great respect for my medium. It’s too hot not to!
I also have a crazy love of multiples. If I love something, chances are I have at least three of that thing in my house. It makes me happy to see a bunch of Folk Birds flocking on my workbench.

What is one of your goals for your small business? Can we expect a website down the road or is Etsy your preferred avenue?
~Although Etsy is my one and only venue online at the moment, I am currently working towards having my beads available “in person” in bead shops around the country. When time allows, I intend to build an individual website where I can include pictures of my process and links to the amazing artists that create with my beads.

Do you have any advice for people who are making their own jewelry?
~What I would advise to others is to be your biggest fan. Never pass up an opportunity to wear your artwork, and believe in your talents. Making a living as an artist is not always comfortable. It is work just like any other. If you create from your heart, it is the most joyful work you will ever do.

You can find Mamacita Beadworks on Etsy. Click here to start your shopping spree!

Written by Guest Blogger, Lorelei Eurto
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Tari of ClayButtons.com said...

Wonderful beads. Love the female form! I've wanted to try pewter but have never found the time.
Rock on!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I love the birds she makes, I have one that I haven't used yet, it is so gorgeous and detailed.