Friday, May 23, 2008

Collaboration Exploration Latest Edition

Collaboration Exploration is a fun project that involves two beadmakers working with a designer. All three get the same sets of beads from the two bead makers, and all three have to design jewelry or other crafts with those items. They do it secretly, and all reveal at the same time. It is an exciting surprise to see the different ways each has used the beads. Thanks to Cindy Gimbrone for coming up with this great creative challenge!

The latest three participants: beadmakers Mary Harding and Heather Powers along with designer Lorelei Eurto.

Click on the designers' names below to read their blog posts about the collaboration:

Lorelei Eurto

Mary Harding

Heather Powers


Anonymous said...

I love them all! Just beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. I want to do this. It's amazing how many possibilities there are.