Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten Dollar Tuesday

Each week we feature a project with Art Beads that can be made for ten dollars or under. This week Tari Sasser from Creative Impressions In Clay shows us how to make napkin rings from a shampoo bottle.
I have been trying to come up with ideas that recycle/reuse/re-purpose items to help our environment. So let's "Make Your Art Trashy!"

For this project I wanted to use PVC pipe scrap that I know is somewhere in the garage. I couldn't find it so I had to get creative in my thinking about rings. I thought about Bamboo but I didn't have any, tube from a paper roll but didn't think it would hold up well enough. Then bottles came to mind. We go through plenty of shampoo in our house. Along with other assundry of items that would fit the bill.

Supplies Needed:
1 or More Shampoo Bottles 2"-2.5" in diameter
Fabric, Felt, Ribbon or Yarn (to wrap your rings)
Assorted Embellishments-Buttons, Beads, Charms, etc.

It starts with a bottle.
I marked the bottle every inch for my cuts. Yours can be wider. The choice is yours for cutting. I started trying a hack saw...no good. The X-acto knife worked pretty good. In the end I should have used a combo of making an incision with the knife and cutting with scissors.
You will need to pick your cutting tool depending on the thickness of your bottle.

Here's how mine looked. Not perfect but they are going to be covered so I didn't worry about it too much.

Next, I used what was in my studio to cover the rings.

The first napkin ring pictured I used a fuzzy type fabric with gold embossing. I think my daughter brought it out to my studio eons ago. I didn't use glue on the first two. Tuck the fabric in. Tie on a button where you did your tucking.

Second ring is wrapped with Eyelash Yarn. Wrap and overlap to cover the plastic ring. Tie off, tie on a button.

Third ring, I used Spray Adhesive and it covered in felt. I then wrapped hemp twine around for more visual impact and to make sure everything stayed in place.
Tie another one on...button that is!

You have created fun table couture and helped the environment at the same time. Start going through the kids bathroom collecting shampoo bottles.
A fun project just in time for Thanksgiving! "Get your Sass On!"

Tari Sasser, smart sass at Creative Impressions In Clay


Tari of ClayButtons.com said...

A nice marbled paper would work too! I would adhere index stock under it first for rigidity.

Jennifer Cameron said...

I LOVE this porject! These are so cute and fun and much better than what you can buy in a store!

Tari of ClayButtons.com said...

Thank you Jennifer! Glad you liked them and thanks for stopping by Art Bead Scene!