Friday, June 19, 2009

The Trendy Bead - Wood Filigree

I found these awesome wood filigree pendants on Etsy last week. Aren't they great for lightweight summer designs? You can see how I would use them on a blog post I did earlier this week. Pair them with your favorite art beads for warm weather styles that are easy to wear.

Filigree Leaf from ShareLiving

Light Blue Filigree Wooden Pendant from ShareLiving

Brown Oval Peacock from ShareLiving.
Purple Filigree Foral Wood Charms from MissMacua

Pink Wooden Filigree Clubs Pendant from ShareLiving


Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful beads/pendants. I checked out your post on how to use them and I love your sketches! I so wish I could draw/sketch like that. :-)

Anonymous said...

wow they are gorgeous!

Beth Hikes said...

how cool! I love what people are doing with wood :0

Amber Leilani said...

i've been seeing a lot of these lately and i think they are pretty cool!

Freya said...

Wow..those are sure pretty. I'll have to go take a look.