Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Book Camp Week 6: Packaging

The homework this week for the Etsy Boot Camp was all about packaging. I've gathered together links, tutorials and some eye candy on the subject. These are great whether you sell your jewelry or just want some creative ideas for your holiday gift wrapping!

First, above is the gift wrapping I'm offering in my shop. It's a strip of decorative tissue paper wrapped around the box with a ribbon, simple but cute. The gift card was created using my earring cards with a little rubber stamp magic.
I'm always thrilled when beads arrive packaged creatively. I don't mind spartan packaging when I'm buying beads, but it's always a nice treat when they arrive looking like this package did from Gaea. Isn't that awesome? She used a little bead as the closure. I asked Gaea about it and you are in luck - it's from a tutorial from Beads4you.

Lorelei made these paper boxes for her open house one year. I've made these for gifts before too - they are super easy to make. You can find this free tutorial from Etsy.

I'm all over this - you can create your own faux bois (fake wood) wrapping paper. We do a woodland theme for our holiday decorating so this is one I'm going to try. You can find this tutorial here from Martha Stewart.

I love the idea of adding an ornament to a package, like Kylie Parry's mini trees. You could also use an art bead on a gift for someone who makes jewelry. Check out the Gift Wrapping with Beads article.

With a pretty ribbon you can take a simple package and transform it into a treasure. Here are three alternatives:
Paper doily ribbon - aren't these fab. Add these to a solid color wrapping paper or a box in a pretty color to show off the design.

I love these stamped muslin ribbons from KawaiiGoodies. The fabric tape is another interesting gift-wrapping idea.

I'm really digging printed Japanese masking tape. These would be awesome wrapped around a box instead of a ribbon. Do a search on etsy for Japanese masking tape to see all the amazing colors and designs available.

I hope this has put you in the holiday mood! Don't forget to scroll down for our weekend specials from the ABS gang and check out the comments for sales from our readers.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


mairedodd said...

what an awesome post! heather, you are such a talented artist and astute business woman... thank you for sharing these ideas... love them!

Alice said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the great ideas Heather!

Desert Wind Designs said...

What lovely gift wrapping ideas. Thank-you for sharing them!

KeRobinson said...

The bead / charm on outside is so
cute! Like a little purse! :)