Saturday, November 13, 2010

Studio Saturday with Lorelei Eurto

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This weeks winner is commenter  Cat, whose go-to finding is WIRE! That's mine too!Congratulations!!

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This week we sneak inside of Lorelei's Studio...

Tis the season of craft fairs! I imagine it can get pretty crazy for those who have many of these shows on their schedules. I do two shows a year and it's about all I can handle! This year was the second year that I participated in a fundraiser put on by a local Jewish Temple in town, that featured Live Music, Art, and Local Food. I also do an open house at my home, but that's not for a few more weeks, so I thought I'd talk today about some important things to remember when doing craft shows.
One of the most important things to me, when doing craft shows is DISPLAY. I put a lot of thought into it, probably too much sometimes. And have been fretting about this years display for several weeks. A few weekends ago, I did some surfing on Flickr and found a nice group called : Jewelry and Bead Booths. That day I found a vendor who used some cool vintage wooden boxes and this started me on a treasure hunt for something similar. Joe and I headed out to one of the local antique malls, and I ended up finding some pretty cool things to include in my set up, such as a very unique Time Card slot, a small wooded bench, and a large wood tool box. Are you sensing the wood theme here?

Paired with some items that I found around my house, I was able to create a funky, earthy, vintage type display that not only was eye catching to shoppers, but showed off my jewelry quite well too!
Some other things to remember at your next craft show:
* Make sure all items are priced.
* Try not to harrass the shoppers but act like you are happy they are there, and I found that standing up, not sitting- caused people to ask questions and engage in conversation!
* Avoid a crowded table top
* Bring extra lighting
* Table clothes make a big difference, the ones I used had a woodgrain pattern on them!
* An inexpensive alternative to table clothes, that my DH recommended, were some natural tone canvas drop clothes used for painting!
* Pre-packaged items are a great addition to your display and make for easy gift buying!
* Always include a business card with purchases, in hopes that the buyer will look you up in the future!
* Bring a mirror and encourage people to try the jewelry on
* Offer up the ability to make special custom orders if people seem like they can't find what they were hoping for.

Here is the video of my set up all together....

This week, I am offering up a pretty little collection of my tin components. In order to be included in the random drawing, you must answer the following question in your comment:

What is the most unique thing you've used in your jewelry display at craft shows? 
Thank you for stopping by the Art Bead Scene today! I hope you enjoyed your stay,
Happy Beading!


Anonymous said...

A miniature pink Christmas tree! It was fantastic to catch the attention of passers-by and the little lights gave such sparkle to the jewelry that was displayed on the tree (mostly crystal pieces). Also, because of the height of the tree, it offered a lot of extra display space I could not achieve with traditional displays placed on a flat table. Can't wait to read what others have used!

Alice said...

For a while now I've used the same table setup, but recently I've been looking for a change. Thanks for the flickr link--maybe I can get some inspiration there.

I just love your wood-themed table displays. It seems to be a great match for your jewelry, and probably a good conversation starter.

Your tips are great, and I found that I am doing all of them. The most difficult is standing the entire time. My feet aren't getting any younger!

As for an unusual display, I use old books to lay my jewelry on. Some of them are printed in Sweedish. People pick up the jewelry to read the books, and then ask if they are for sale! I can't sell them because they are family heirlooms.

Great post!!!!

KristiBowmanDesign said...

I love your time card holder thing and all your lovely rustic wood items, I am in search for the exact same type of things. Right now I have commercial black velvet stands that so totally do not suit my work, but they got me through the first few shows. I need to totally re-vamp.

So, this is a difficult question because I can't think of anything unusual I've used but I will say of all the things I have used slate tiles in little vignettes here and there on my table.

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

I hate being the first to comment, #1 never wins, but I will start.
I don't do craft fairs yet but I do have a retail store setup for my jewelry so I would say my unique props include vases a deer scull and picture frames.
Thanks for the video of your setup it felt like we were there.

cindydolezaldesigns said...

I cover acrylic trays with black cloth and fill in the trays with white rice. I place a piece of jewelry or a set in each tray. I never fail to get positive comments on my earthy display. The rice and the clay go so well together.

Amy B. said...

Your set up looks amazing! Just love all of the great wooden textures. Really sets off the jewelry!

Honestly, my displays have been so standard for so long, that I too, believe its time for a change.

The most unique item I've used?
Candle holders and votive cups

Amy B. said...

Your display is awesome! The way the jewelry really stands out off the rustic wood - great ideas !! Thank you for sharing.

My set up has been so 'standard' for so long that I too, believe it is time for a change.
The most unique things I've used?

Candle holder and votive cups

Linda Sinish said...

I found an ornate, yet light weight tall easel at Home Goods. Then I put a large picture frame on it. The picture that came with the frame has been painted over and a lot of small cup 'c' shape hooks were screwed on. I then hang jewelry from the hooks.

Erin S said...

I have never done a craft fair (not really my thing) but I did see a booth once where they used black beans as a base to lay out all their jewelry on and it looked pretty cool.

I love your tin components!

Erin S

Deborah said...

I don't do "shows," but my retail space is in a big antiques mall, so it's natural for me to use all sorts of old and "rescued" items in my display. I've used some big 'ole clunky woodworking tools (planes, etc.) to display jewelry and the contrast of the industrial old metal with jewels, ribbons, chains, etc., was quite striking!

The mall and my home are in a beach town, so it's also natural for me to use driftwood, shells (abalone farm here, too), rocks & sand, as well as numerous "mystery" found items.

The tides constantly bring in new "treasures," but I especially love to hunt after big storms - ya just never know what might come rollin' in!

The tin pieces are adorable - thanks so much for this giveaway!

Ann said...

I have an old rubber glove mold that is a cool display for necklaces and rings. Also I have several old boxes, a chipped Beethoven bust and a handpainted small chest that is pretty cool.

I love your tin jewelry!


Desert Wind Designs said...

I'm not ready yet to do craft fairs, but I am looking to doing a couple next year. I'm in my research phase, and this was a great post for me. I especially like the link to the Flickr group.

Now to go re-read and take some notes.

Connie M.

Winchell Clayworks said...

Last year I used a ceramic egg dish (one of those dishes for deviled eggs) to display bead assortments.

Kylie Parry Studios said...

My favorite prop is an aqua vintage soda pop crate. It has perfect little sections for putting pendants on shipping tags.

Off the Beadin' Path said...

Timely subject! I see your time card slots worked out very well! I have a blue bottle collection that always gets a comment! I wrap chain around them, pile bracelets over the necks, or hang earrings from the top. I also have some small shutters that have to be clamped to the table. L brackets mounted on the backs. They're a hassle, but everyone seems to love them. If I win the drawing, it will be fun to see your tin pieces, so colorful! Thank you!

rosebud101 said...

I've used a wire CD holder for my earrings. I think it's unique!

Yeli said...

A trivet that I put on a stand to hang my earrings.

Sally Anderson said...

I'm also not ready to do a show but I've got an antique cobbler's bench that would work so perfectly in one. At least I think it would! It has lots of places to put stuff! We'll see. I love your tin pieces and would love to win them! Thanks. --SallyA

Elaine said...

Since I display a variety of clay items - from jewelry to small decor items - I'm a HUGE fan of multi tasking items. One of those is shower curtain and binder rings.

They organize my casual pendants on cord, my cell phone charms, hang ornaments securely.

Another oddity was a bunch of tree cut outs I made myself this year. I use them for everything: bracelet, necklace, bookmark, earring, ornament, keychain... anything that can be made to hang or pin on.

Kat BM said...

not sure how unusual, but wrapped empty boxes for Christmas display works great!

Gerry said...

Awesome set up. THank you so much for sharing this.

I have made some neat displays for earrings using picture frames.
I have hinged these together, they have screen in the inside and I stapled decorative matt board to the back. They transport easily and at the end of a show you close them up with the earrings on them. Super easy!!!!

Cilla said...

I would love to win these discs!

One of my best finds to display is an old Jewelery Box. I bought it at a garage sale and people are just drawn to it and love to go through it and make a find.

Easy to close at the end of the show and is a great package to travel with.
Thanks Lorelei!
Cilla W

Linda Landig said...

I purchased some place-mats made of thin bamboo slats. I rolled the place-mats up and draped bracelets over them. Looks pretty cool. I love your tin cut outs. Thanks for the great post!

Lisa New said...

I have an antique wrought iron carousel with curliques that is great to hang jewelry on!

Christine ~ ladybrookdesigns said...

As a lover & collector of old oddities & unique finds....your display is perfect & so eye-catching for your fabulous designs! Very well done Lorelei! For dimension & height, when I did shows, I used an arched window frame I spray painted gold and put tiny hooks to hang my fairies from and beaded ornaments (haven't done them in a few years!!) Also, I used big heavy old picture frames covered in velvet for jewelry & hung on chains in my booth indoor & outdoor.
Enjoying all the neat ideas of displays!❤ Sassy Sparkles love the pink Christmas tree!
Thanks for sharing Lorelei & having us share too!❤

peacockfairy said...

Wow! I would love the chance to win some of those pretty tins! The most unique thing I've used is my Dad's wooden tool box he gifted to me. Having a few of the drawers open provided the perfect places to lay jewelry. I had so many wonderful comments on it too!

Jan Thomason said...

ohhhhh, pick me!!

i don't do craft shows because of my health, but if i did do them, i would use some of my vintage jewelry boxes, open, as displays.

don't know if that counts, but i sure enjoyed your post and reading all of the comments:)

Cathy said...

Don't do many shows right now but I have used an old zinc & wood washboard, so I'm really groovin' on your vintage pieces that you use in your display!

Oh & when I was doing brooches, I used a couple of vintage wool felted hats on a multi level hat stand & pinned them all over, also once used an antique baby gown on an old wooden hanger & pinned pieces to that.

This is a wonderful question! Everyone has such unique ideas!!

Oh & I can't believe I won last week, I'm going to write to Shannon asap, I am a big fan of hers!

Malin de Koning said...

Awesome post! Awesome prize! Awesome comments! Thank you everyone!

I've not done any shows or craft markets yet. I should really. Got so many great tips from this post. So ... maybe a sceleton could be fun and create attention. Otherwise I think I would use a lot of old worn wooden things, windows, cupbords, drawers and so on. Concrete sculpures and figures for the garden maybe. Would create a nice contrasty background. Beautiful tree branches to hang things from.

Please draw my number!

Paige said...

I've only done 2 shows(one of which was yesterday!)...and most of my displays are the velvet busts/t-bars. But for yesterday's show, I decided to use something different for my earring displays than an earring stand. I did a take on the picture frame idea...i bought some 7x7 frames and an 8x10 frame, covered the glass with scrapbooking paper (I used plain chocolate brown), and taped 3 lengths of an aqua colored ric rac to hand the earrings on. They worked wonderfully, I got lots of compliments and I was able to just stick each one in a ziplock bag at the end of the day to travel home with!

Unknown said...

I use a bracelet rack my grandfather made me years ago. I use a birch tree trunk that has been cut to fit. I also use tree branches in small buckets filled w/ white quartz to show nests, fairies, earrings & snowflakes

CraftyHope said...

I've yet to show at a craft fair, so this question isn't for me...but I'd still like a chance. If that's okay.

Lucid Moon Studio said...

I've used various ornate wrought iron candle holders, wall decorations and picture frames. I go to home decor or craft stores and look down every aisle for things that would make a good display, ignoring the original intended use of the items.

Angel Whisperer said...

Those colorful parts You made Lorelei are wonderful. I am happy to have a couple to look at(for a while) in the earrings I did buy for my oldest daughter for Christmas:)
Most unusual display for my jewelry I think was in a very old house in an art market was a very, very..low roof... wooden with hooks in so I used an old old wheel made from metal and wood and hung from the roof like a chandelier -lots of necklaces all way around it -looked pretty cool !

weeeeeeee I do hope I will be the one

Cynthia said...

I have an old wooden frame with old screen in it. It's from an old house, and used to keep out bugs. Now, I hang earrings on it!! I can get ALOT of earrings on it. You would love it Lorelei!. It's painted rust and the metal screen is dark, but in good shape. I use a plate holder to hold it up, or hang it on a wall - whatever works.
Love your display pieces, right up my alley!
Love your tin components - would LOVE to win them!
Thanks for the chance!

Marianne Baxter said...

I have a tall piece of coral that I got from a garden store and I hang my earrings on it. Displays very nicely and is easy to carry. I put earnuts on the back and it keeps the earrings in place.