Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Boot Camp - Week 5

These last few weeks for the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp have been filled with juicy tips and great advice.  Here are the ones that I found most useful with a few extra links added in:

1. Catch up on the Etsy Boot Camp here.

2. Marketing:
    Quick! The Holidays Are Coming and I Have to Start Marketing Online
    3 Worksheets to define your brand and market
    Targeting Customers The Key to Marketing Your Business

    28 tips to reach your target market

3. Tags for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Weekend (11/26 - 11/29)
    1. Black Friday Etsy, 2. Cyber Monday Etsy, and 3. Free Shipping Etsy.

You can add these tags to your listings if you are going to offer a special during that weekend.  Only use the tags that are applicable, you can use more than one if it fits.  Add them now - Etsy is searching through these tags for upcoming holiday promotions, sellers are using them for treasuries and bloggers are using them to find content!

For more tips on tagging your work and current trends read the Etsy's Merchandising report for December.

4. Make your shop gift-buying friendly.  Consider creating sections based on price or other easily searchable sections such as Stocking Stuffers, Gifts for Teens, Luxury Items or Gifts under $25, Gifts under $50, etc.

Bonus tip: You can't sell from an empty cart, work on filling up your Etsy shop and keeping it full.  Earrings and pendants are the ticket for this time of year.  Create multiples of the same design and relist them.  It's easier and quicker to make 5 pairs of earrings in 4 designs than 20 different designs - you'll cut down on time photographing and writing the listings too.

(Jewerly pictured above from: Erin Praiz-Hintz, Lori Anderson, Shannon LeVart and Lorelei Eurto.)


Lån Jämförelse said...

I love your designs, and your craftsmanship speaks femininity, hard work and passion.
Every entrepreneur out there must read these Marketing related articles as well. Thanks!

Alice said...

Beautiful work! Thanks for all great the Boot Camp information!

marie Gilvey said...

very nice design , yes it maybe true that design handmade jewelry one of a king it is difficult to sales and sometime it is better to do the same over and over but for my case i sale better at the crafts show and very little on etsy