Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Early Spring

Hello Spring?
Hi, yeah it's me Heather.
Umm, do you think you could come earlier this year?
Great thanks, see you soon!

Not gonna happen anytime soon where you live?  Well, we can at least enjoy some spring inspired creations with these sweet little nest beads.

Left to Right:


Sherri said...

Love all the nests and eggs! I do really hope Spring is right around the corner. This winter stuff is getting to me!

Roberta Warshaw said...

oooooo I love nests!

Holly said...

Ohhh, Heather...I can't tell you how much I agree with your sentiment here! We're looking at the second storm this week, making it, what 5 storms in 4 weeks? ugggg.

I do *so* love all teh nests and eggy-goodness!

Brandi Hussey said...

I'm so desperate for spring to come, I can't even tell you!!

Heidi Post said...

In New Orleans (where I live):

Winter = Spring where you are
Spring = Summer where you are
Summer = Hell
Autumn = The worst of your summer

Please don't try to force the weather too much. Seriously, last night I was walking around in a tank top.

Love all the eggs though :)

Rose said...

ok I need all of those beads, and Spring if you can hear me... Please come early!

KeRobinson said...

Oh those beads are so good! Love them all :)

JeannieK said...

The art beads are wonderful.

I live in Minnesota and enjoy the cold and snow. It's 15 below here today.