Friday, January 28, 2011

Fit to Print Review: New Color Palette Ebook

When it comes to teaching color, Margie Deeb is the queen.  I've had the fortune of working with Margie on the Bead Cruise last year and she is brimming with inspiration and focused on helping others use color confidently. 

Her ebooks are filled with great tips, beautiful photography and down-to-earth lessons. In 7 Strategies for Extracting Color Palettes, Margie walks you through creating color palettes for your jewelry based on photographs, fabrics or colors from focal beads. 7 lessons show you how to translate those colors into beads and jewelry, explaining the theories of why they work.

The photos above feature the cover and an inside page from the book. I included the bead vignette showing art beads that use the same color palette to give you an idea of how you can translate the information in the book into your own work.

7 Strategies for Extracting Color Palettes is available as a PDF to download instantly.

Margie is the author of The Beader's Color Palette and The Beader's Guide to Color.  She teaches color classes across the country and online. Visit Margie's website for more information.

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Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing this link, Heather. I can sure use a little color inspiration and downloaded this pdf. :-)