Saturday, January 15, 2011

Studio Saturday Reflecting With Lynn Davis

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This week, I've been in a thoughtful mood, partially due to the current events we hear in the news. When I took this photo earlier this week, planning to use it for my week in Studio Saturday, I wasn't really aware that the title of the book, "World History," that I used as a backdrop would become more meaningful. I just liked the color and texture of it, with the bright cast pewter pieces on top of it. The Resting Heart Shields, the keys and crosses, especially speak to me with meaning.
Last Saturday was the day the old church that sits behind my house takes down the Christmas decorations and puts them away for another year. My husband and I helped with the process, it was a community project together. Weeks earlier, everyone had brought a poinsettia plant in remembrance of someone, and they added a bright spot of color to the old whitewashed wood walls and dark floors. 
If you're like me, and you've been listening to the news, it's hard to think about the things that happen, the sudden losses and the inexplicable turns of history that bring such sadness, and for those who survive and heal, such turmoil and change.
Maybe this isn't a usual topic for this blog, but it made me think about what I can do, with my creativity, to help with remembrance, and holding the hope of change in my own hands and heart.

Some time back I made a pewter ornament for donation to decorate the little country church's tree, and as I took it down, wrapped it in organza and put it away last Saturday, I tried to think of things that I can do to make a difference for Peace and Hope in this new year we all face together.
When I took this photo of the giveaway pewter cross for this post, and put it onto a vintage map of the world, I wasn't thinking then about the meaning - but now it seems very special and right. No matter where in the world we are located, we can make our own mark for change, don't you think?
If you also have personal goals to share your talents and hope in the new year, post your thoughts here and if you respond to this question and are the one chosen, you'll win one of my hand cast pewter crosses, to make your own remembrance, gift of love or ornament to start the process in your own way:

How do you participate in your community with your beads or jewelry? Is giving from the heart part of your creativity? It could be teaching someone, giving to an auction, or a gift to someone who is suffering and needs hope. If you have thoughts about how our participation in our families, communities and nation can help light the way to greater peace, share it with all of us here. In a small way, we can begin the process here, with each other.

Peace and joy, every day, to each of you, from Lynn Davis, who is grateful every day for all the good things already given!


Barbara Lewis said...

What a great post, Lynn. It's very sad. I think of Judge Roll who had just come from church on a Saturday to arrive at Rep. Giffords corner meeting and was murdered. But, I don't like the political rhetoric attached to what has happened. in my view, it was simply one deranged human being acting out his insanity ... nothing more.

Alice said...

What a beautiful post Lynn!

I live in a very small town, and get several requests a year to donate a piece of jewelry to charity. I always try to help out when I can.

mairedodd said...

this is a beautiful post, lynn... your thoughts were eloquently expressed and touching... i try to share my work - if it can benefit someone, that brings me joy...

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

I participate at my Church in a lot of different ways. I give jewelry to auctions quite often to help raise funds for different reasons. I also donate money from my business to a client who does the breast cancer walks.
I love that cross!
Shannon C

EmandaJ said...

Thanks Lynn, for a very moving post. You asked what we do for our communities and charities. I have donated pieces for the annual fundraiser/silent auction for my favorite charity several years running now. It gives me such joy to know the money goes to a good cause and someone out there loves my work plus has a compassion for the same charity.

Also, I make Anglican rosary bracelets and I can't tell you how many times I have given one right off my own wrist to someone who has shared their "troubles" with me and who was in need of prayer. It is such a tangible reminder of my prayers for them.

I love how big your heart is, Lynn.

cindydolezaldesigns said...

Nice post. I held a raffle last year for a necklace and earring set to raise money to send my sister's whole family to North Carolina so they could be there when her son touched down on American soil after serving in Afghanistan. My pottery group also donated handmade bowls for our local Empty Bowls event last February.

Shel said...

Very heartfelt post - greatly appreciated.

In giving back to the community I donate when asked to various school fundraisers or charity functions such as Make a Wish, Cancer Walks and also to the Prom Projects in my state and in other states as well.

It's not much, but it brings me happiness thinking that a piece of my jewelry could possibly be bringing a slice of joy to someone who may need it!

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and for the lovely post today.

TesoriTrovati said...

Hi Lynn! Thoughtful post... I do give to a lot of worthy causes in my area. Some I design special pieces for, others I find what I have. I like to help out where I can. I am always willing to teach and offer my experience and expertise to those who ask. Last year at this time I donated 100% of my profits from sales of my jewelry in the month of January to the relief efforts in Haiti... $500. Too bad the need is still so great there.
Thank you for sharing this timely post with us and helping us remember that it all starts with us.
Enjoy the day!

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Thank you for the great post. My mom and I donate money to our local Breast Cancer fund from our jewerly sales and we also knit chemo caps and premie caps and donate them each year.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thank you all, dear friends. I was, of course, thinking about the tragedy in Arizona, especially the small girl with so much ahead, who lost her life. But I was also thinking of the terrible flooding in Australia, and all the people so affected. I was thinking of the earthquake survivors in Haiti, and the awful cholera epidemic there. Last year, I donated all sales of my "Helping Hands" charm to aid for Haiti. I am so happy to hear all your stories, too, it's like joining hands with you to make a difference somehow, no matter how small.

gaela said...

Tragedies seem to happen quite often these days. As artist,
it seems that we are a group of very caring people and that is good. I do believe that Peace on Earth begins at Home.
Every small act of kindness goes along way. Giving is giving,
and it sure feels right to donate what we can with our art, or
our time. I live in a small comminity where neighbors look
out for each other and believe that this simple living spreads
easily from one community to the next. Thanks for this topic.

Nancy Markosky said...

beautiful and thoughtful post- thank you! I also donate whenever I can- my favorite donations are to the Teen MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) at my church. These young women have made some difficult choices and most have difficult lives. I like to think that by donating, I am giving some love and beauty to them.

Laura said...

Very moving
I work in a hospital and many times and will make pieces for my patients especially the little old ladies.
I also make jewelry for the people who motivate at work and who help others heal.
For instance, my mother had cancer last year and one of the nurses who I work with kept praying for her and would cry for my mom. I have given her some very special jewelry.

Elaine said...

My community - near and far - is important. Most of my giving back with my art is to show people that yes, one person can do what they dream of. I demo on weekends at the local gallery, give career day speeches to the local kids, help schools make fundraiser pieces to sell. Proceeds from my fall shows go in part to the food bank and the rest of the year to shelters and youth help lines because sometimes that little extra help is what someone needs to choose the right path.

Elizabeth said...

Truly inspiring post. I'm one of those who believes that small changes near you make big impact, sort of the butterfly effect. Anyway, I often donate pieces to local organizations who are having fund raisers. I also make bookmarks and other trinkets for my high school library because funds are tight and I want kids to read.

Those are the little things I do. Peace and love everyone.

Patty said...

This was a beautiful post, Lynn. I am grateful to have found a number of ways to connect with others through my beads and jewelry.

I like to donate jewelry to the annual volunteer fireman's picnic raffle not only because they do wonderful work in our fire-prone area, but because they saved our home years ago after a chimney fire.

I feel lucky to be able to donate jewelry to an annual raffle to benefit a local prep school for disadvantaged kids. This school sends kids to college who might never get to go, and 100% of them graduate!

I have given beads to help friends dealing with cancer, to give them strength and courage in the difficult journey ahead, and, sadly, I have given special beads to the children of friends who have been taken by cancer.

I help the Beads of Courage foundation by making beads for the kids, participating in fundraising events, and writing for their blog ( Hearing the stories of courage, and hope that these kids and their families have to tell is amazingly inspirational.

I am incredibly appreciative to have found a calling that brings so much joy to me, and allows me to share it with others in ways that help people.

Thanks again for a very touching post.

Chris Hansen said...

Lynn, what a wonderful and thought-provoking post! Like many of your other readers, I too, like to share the love through donating my work. In December, I ran an eBay auction of the Princess Art Charm Necklace featured in my book, with the proceeds going to the victims of the Gulf oil spill disaster. I also donated a bunch of bracelets and pendants this past fall and winter to fundraisers for Concern for Animals ( Greyhound Pets, Inc. (, and just yesterday, sent a few pieces off to this month's Love Drop recipient, Jill. ( And I frequently leave (or have the kids leave) my lampwork beads and pendants for people to find (we did this at the mall last time!) as they go about their day. It makes me feel WONDERFUL inside to be able to share my talents with others, and helps me to express my gratitude for all of the incredible blessings in my life!

Paula Lee M. said...

That was truly a moving post. It made me realize that even my small donations can make a difference. Not only the times I have donated to charities, (I live on Long Island in NY which has a high incidence of cancer clusters)but like bidding and buying a piece of jewelry that someone else donated for the Gulf after the oil rig disaster. Or leaving a dollar or two at the cash register for Haiti relief when I grocery shop.

Your post has made me more mindful of the ways I have and can make a difference. What we do at home seems small potatoes but if we all do it it makes a big impact even if we are not aware of the whole.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I am in awe of all your stories and the wonder of your sharing. I wanted to mention that I donate jewelry pieces to a silent Auction for free legal advice for the needy, to raise money to help them out. Although I'm not there during the Auction, they send me a report later letting me know how much was raised. Often, it's a lot more than the piece would sell for, but because it's for a good cause people open their hearts (and pocketbooks) and give.
Thank you all for such inspiring insights. It gives me new ideas of how I can expand my own giving, too!

MoonRae said...

Thank you for a beautiful post....
I am quite touched by the other comments. It seems we all do what we can,some are more able than others(bless all of you).... I believe as a whole it DOES make a difference.