Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Monthly Challenge Blog Tour

Klassy Joolz - Offers a subdued color palette in golds and creams for her entry. With a mix of art beads and pearls for a luminous effect.

SilverRose Designs - A polymer clay focal is paired with enameled beads for a design that is pretty in pink (and purple).

Sweet Willow Designs - This polymer clay beadmaker shares how using different paints can create beautiful variations in her beads as she focuses on the lanterns and their glowing oranges in her bracelets.

Middle Earths Jewels - This necklace features a raku focal, chain and ribbon in a design that captures the color and mood of twilight.

The Art & Writing of Andrew Thornton - Andrew mixes it up with a collection of garden inspired art beads and challenges himself to expand his color palette.

EE Bead and Metal Works - This mother and daughter duo collaborate again on a spectacular enameled components and bead necklace.

Kiwiken - A necklace that incorporates scrapbook findings with a unique polymer clay focal bead and chain offer an Art Deco inspired feel.  You can see how the focal bead was created in this post - lots of hidden layers are revealed.

Creatively Kym - A romantic design featuring a ceramic heart from Gaea is mixed with chain and fibers for a soft and feminine necklace.

Christine's Bead Blog - A lovely mix of teals and cream surround a focal bead from the Classic Bead.  Stop by and say hi to Christine, she is new to the Art Bead Scene community.

Mackin-Art - I'm in awe of this bead embroidered lily!  Check out how seed beads and art beads were transformed into a lovely beaded work of art.

Cindy Dolez Designs - Want to see the perfect 'lantern' beads?  Check out Cindy's bracelet design for an earthy interpretation of our challenge painting.

Mary Harding Jewelry Bead Blog - It's a mixed metals creation with a handcrafted ceramic pendant and toggle clasp by bead artist Mary Harding.

Palumbo Polymer Jewelry - An experiment in enamel creates a fun and colorful necklace for this month's challenge.

Beads for Busy Gals - Wire lanterns are mixed with luscious ribbon for a very unique design.

My Life Under the Bus - An exploration in hushed pastels as we tip-toe through flowers and dragonflies to come across this necklace.

Kristi Bowman - Kristi captures the inner glow of our inspiration painting with glass beads and fire agate in teal.  The floral bronze charm is one of Kristi's bronze metal clay creations.

For the Love of Beads - A lampwork glass lantern takes center stage in this bright and colorful necklace.

Beautifully Broken Me - Molly plays with a contrast of light and dark inspired by the painting.

Bee Tree by M.E. - Wire mesh ribbon creates an interesting backdrop for a garden of accent bead and a delicate polymer clay rose.

Art with Moxie - A painterly mix of beads look like they were plucked right off the painting in this mixed media bracelet.

Stories They Tell - Oil pastels and polymer clay?  Yep, you'll want to take a look at this organic and primitive design along with some thought-provoking musings on creating for a market vs. for yourself.
Thanks to everyone who participated - we had so many wonderful entries.  I've enjoyed seeing each of your creations.  Stop by tomorrow for a brand new challenge for March. I promise a pop of vivid color and a glimpse of island life - just what we need as we wait for Spring to arrive.

(If I missed your blog post, leave the link in the comments below and I will add you to the list.)


My Life Under the Bus said...

Heather you should write for the J.Peterman catalog!

- "An exploration in hushed pastels as we tip-toe through flowers and dragonflies to come across this necklace."

You made my necklace sound like a beautiful fairy land!!!

Thanks for that!!! Xo, Patty

KristiBowmanDesign said...

You're so right Patty, I love all of the inspiring descriptions of each piece. Quite a wonderful collection for the month as always!! Thank you!!

Stories They Tell said...

Heather, here's the link to my blog post about the February challenge that I left you yesterday:


Thank you

Christine Damm

Rebecca said...

Hi Heather,

Here's a link to my blog entry from last week,




Lienime ♥ said...

Ohhhh loved Kristi Bowman´s!!!!
Thank you for sharing these things with us... it is nice to enter the blog and see all the things you have for us to look and admire.

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Finally got to write a little something about my piece.
Shannon C

Holly said...

Everyone's pieces are gorgeous! What fun it is seeing everything :)

And Patty's so right, Heather...J. Peterman it is!

roseworksjewelry said...

Beautiful pieces one and all!

Unknown said...

It blows me away, the amount of talent in our readership!
These are all wonderful pieces.