Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tree Top Necklace

Shh, don't tell anyone but this is really the last 12 Days of Christmas project.  I'm just a little late...

Anywho, I thought this was a fun project to share because it's a simple one that you can whip up in no time flat yet offers a nice visual impact with the large pendant.  I love having the clasp in the front and as such an integral part of the design.

Have some cabochons or pendants without holes?  Wrapping them in filigree is the easiest solution.  If you haven't done this before here is a tutorial on filigree wrapping from Vintaj.

Supply List
1.5" Ephemera pendant
2 12mm polymer clay disks
2 8mm Czech glass beads
2 8mm smoky quartz beads
2 6mm brass beads
2 2" headpins
1 15mm brass jump ring
16" brass chain
4 6mm gunmetal spacers
59mm clover petal filigree
2 9.5mm etched jump rings
2 6mm brass jump rings
25mm leaf toggle bar

1. Wrap the corners of the filigree around the pendant.
2. Use two pairs of pliers to open and close the etched jump rings.  Attach the jump rings to the top loops of the filigree.  String the large jump ring through both of the etched jumped rings.
3. String the glass bead, spacer, disk bead, spacer, quartz and brass bead unto the eye pin.  Trim the wire the form a simple loop.  Repeat with the second headpin. 
4. String one beaded link onto the large jump ring and close the jump ring.  On the other beaded link attach the toggle clasp with two jump rings, doubled up for strength. 
5. Attach the chain to the top loops of both links.

Pendant: More Skye Jewels. Disk beads: Humblebeads. Glass beads: Beads by C. Filigree and jump rings: Vintaj. Chain, brass beads, spacers and eyepins: Hobby Lobby.  Toggle clasp: Nunn Designs or Bello Modo. Smoky Quartz: Rings & Things.


Marie Cramp said...

I love how you used my pendant! It looks fantastic! <3 Always a great combo with your beads ;)

Unknown said...

Marie makes the lovliest of pendants! And your necklace is so beautiful!

Linda Starr said...

This is beautiful I have never tried filagree but may give it whirl, thanks for the tutorial.

Beth Hikes said...

Oh how pretty and I just love Marie's pendant from More Skye Jewels. It's all so wonderfully earthy.

Kat said...

That is really pretty and unique. I Love it!

Gold CharmGold Charm said...

The bird's nest is really looking very cute sitting on the pendant...and the vibrant colours used for beading makes it a very attractive and unique piece.

Rising Designs said...

Make more nest pendants, Marie. This is so wonderful!