Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Monthly Challenge Blog Tour

I had never heard of Kurt Schwitters before I started looking for suitable art for the upcoming challenges. I wanted to do something different, something sculptural, something outside our norm. When I stumbled upon "Revolving" I was struck by the geometry of this mixed media art piece. I loved the rich patina of the colors, sort of a verdigris and brass look. I could picture intersecting lines and earthy beads as well as enameled disks and wire. What you shared with us this month really lived up to my expectations and pushed the limits of my small imagination. I am very impressed!

I love what Ghie of Trinket Tales (above) creates with her polymer clay and two hands. This piece feels like a botanical industrial design. The swirly flowers bring out the geometry of circles and the handmade flowers lend a feminine touch to Schwitters masculine palette. This necklace is just a beautiful interpretation of the colors and patterns from a geometric translated to a more lush and romantic floral. And the asymmetry is really fresh and unexpected.

Lynda Moseley of SCDiva is always innovating with her polymer clay. I love the simplicity of her design. The arcing circles and the lines pair so well with the faux bois texture and dusty palette.

Taking to heart Schwitters use of found objects, Cece Cormier of The Beading Yogini, found a random piece of scrap metal in her stash and used that to etch a earthy design that looks as if it were something that has aged for decades. She translated a really cool tutorial for a bead and jump ring design into a playful element that evokes the movement of the challenge art.

I could totally live in this lovely design by Pam at Klassy Joolz (above).The deep and muted color palette of these beautiful glass beads and focal are so organic. And I love the subtle sheen of the metallic beads that reminds me of the found metal objects that Schwitters used.

Mary Ellen of Bee Tree by m.e.has us literally spinning with her design. The swirling colors in the lentils remind me of pinwheels blowing in the wind. She used a heavy gauge wire to bring to mind the circles from the inspiration art. I love hearing how her process works, and I am always amazed at how quickly inspiration will strike with her!

Tracy Stillman Designs (above) gives us a very simple yet powerful design. The gradated colors of the painting come through on the embossed and patinated brass rectangles. And those glass beads look so much like labradorite, my favorite stone!

Miss Lorelei Eurto rose to the challenge brilliantly this month with a piece that evokes movement like the fine interior of a watch. I love the strong color choices in her necklace. I admire anyone who can master yellow. And the way it is all connected is just so intriguing.

Welcome to Just Beadey! Not only have our awesome challenges coaxed her to come and play with us the past few months, but she started a blog so that she could be a part of our blog tour. So glad you are here! I love the mix of textures and the cool steely blues of your palette (above). The fibers are a nice touch and add to the mixed media flair of this challenge art.

Love the use of metal wire in this piece by Angela Lund-Logan. The earthy colors of the pendant really call to mind the main circle in the painting. And the use of the intertwined wire would make Kurt Schwitters happy!

Miss Renetha of Lamplight Crafts really took the use of found objects to heart. She repurposed the components from a belt into a wonderful pair of earrings including the addition of some great patina and lampwork beads. Great use of assemblage techniques, using what you have and modifying it to make it great!

Miss Theresa of Mackin Art (above) surfaced this month because the pull of this painting was too great! She brought in the lighter tones of the palette and mixed different bead weaving technique for her very cool necklace.! I think that focal bead looks like a float in the water. It looks very nautical and intertwined by these strong ropes. Such pretty colors! Cool and warm at the same time.


Thanks to all who were inspired by this special art piece this month.

Come back and visit for next month's artwork. I promise that it will be something unexpected again!


ClickNCamera said...

Beautifully done! I especially like the bracelet by Klassy Joolz, that focal is perfect for this challenge. Looking forward to the next challenge!

Gwendolen said...

Never heard of Schwitters????!!! Oh dear, we must remedy that.
Best wishes from the Kurt Schwitters Society

Gwendolen said...

Never heard of Kurt Schwitters????!!!! Oh dear, we must remedy that.
Best wishes from the Kurt Schwitters Society

Sharyl said...

There were just so many amazing pieces this time! Everyone seemed truly inspired and it shows in the work displayed!

Congrats to the prize winners too!