Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bead Addicts, Jewelry Making Machines & Connoisseurs of Handmade

"Walk in the Meadows at Argenteuil" by Claude Monet

is an apt inspiration for April's Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge, as most of us drift out of the gloomy wintry spell, and enjoy the beginnings of sunny climes and blooming landscapes around us...



From 1871 to 1878, Monet lived in the commune of Argenteuil, near Paris. He set up a modest home, and enjoyed painting his wife Camille, and son Jean amongst his landscapes. He also set up a "boat studio" on the Seine, and captured the river besides the countryside.

Amongst picturesque panoramas, he also painted a broken railway bridge being reconstructed, representing the monumental nature of industrial architecture in "The Railway Bridge at Argenteuil".
Some other aspects of industrial life piquing his interest at the time, are seen in his works "Coal Dockers" and "The Railway Station at Argenteuil".

Below is a collection of handmade beads that allude to the kick-start of the industrial era - dreams and discoveries, raw materials, tools, processes, symbols, and most importantly - how it has enhanced the handmade movement to surpass the machine-made !

INSPIRING Stoneware Word Beads - handmade by Diane Hawkey 

You can customize your favorite color with the word !

CAREFREE Ceramic Denim Dress & Pocket Pendants - handmade by Elaine Ray

I snagged these over phone-shopping with Ornamentea's super customer friendly staff during an Elaine Ray Trunk Show !

 WHIMSICAL Copper & Resin Pendants - handmade by  Jade Scott

Mark your calendars if these intrigue you. Jade lists once a month, and her next listing is on 19th April. You have to be super quick - pendants vanish within seconds of list
ing !

VIBRANT Lampwork Glass, Bright Wing Dings with Bubble Buttons - handmade by Genea Crivello Knable

ELEGANT Stoneware Daisy Pendant - handmade by Golem Studio

 FUN Lampwork Glass Beads - handmade by Avaline Pierson

 DREAMY Stoneware Cloud Pendant - handmade by Szilvia Vihriälä


Happy Spring Peeps !



Note: While images above are representative of the art beads, components and each artist's language of expression, a lot of them do take custom orders.


Elaine Ray said...

The Art Bead Scene continues to inspire - Thanks for all your great work and thanks for mentioning my dress and pocket pendants. Spring is in the air!
- Elaine

Third Eye Gypsy said...

What gorgeous beads! Thank you so very much for featuring my work! xo Genea

Lotus said...

Love your Pinterest boards! Look forward to them every month!

annegirl01 said...

Wow. so interesting, I enjoyed it and I really learned alot on it.

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