Thursday, April 16, 2015

Complimentary Components

I'm always fascinated to see what other supplies designers mix in with their art beads. Today I thought I'd share the finds I made as I search for supplementary materials to use with your art beads when designing for this month's challenge.  I have some standard materials that I reach for: czech glass is usually at hand.  I get a lot from fellow editor, Rebecca's shop.

When I did my regular Etsy picks post earlier in the month, I struggled to find suitable monkey beads. Fortunately there are lots of cool vintage monkeys around the place.

I love vintage components nearly as much as I love art beads. Well, I might even love them both the same.

So cute in earrings! And look at these beauties:

How about some gemstones...

This black tourmaline has some edge to it; maybe you're more taken with the gauzy butterflies and dragonflies in Kahlo's painting.

And finally, a little more Czech glass:

Bye for now, Claire


Unknown said...

This is a seriously fun post. I also love vintage beads in addition to art beads. And that rough black tourmaline is gorgeous. You've introduced me to some great new-to-me shops. Thanks!

baymoondesign said...

You found some great beads!

TesoriTrovati said...

Super eclectic and fun mix of components! I have never heard of any of these shops. So now I am off to see what I can find! My bank account hates posts like this. ;-)
Enjoy the day. Erin

Unknown said...

Maya Honey is one of my favorite shops!!