Thursday, April 9, 2015

Etsy Picks

How is everyone getting along with the challenge?  Today I'm going sharing some Etsy picks which might help you on the way if you're struggling a little. When I first started searching for beads to fit this month's challenge, I initially had a bit of a challenge.  The most conspicuous figurative elements aren't that commonly found in art bead form. Sure, there are some monkeys and quite a few cats about, but the examples I could find of both were far too benign to suit this painting.  So, I thought about the colour's in the piece. For some reason, there's something about Kahlo's aesthetic which turns my mind to fibre beads.

Then I thought to see what this month's sponsors had on offer that might fit the brief. I love the range of vibrant greens in this bracelet connector.

And I love the array of textures in this deep green set.

This set of leaf beads had me thinking about all the leaves in the painting and looking for other leaf beads. I really like these earring charms.

Finally, if you're still struggling, what could be simpler than a pair of little red blood drops hanging from some earrings?

 Bye for now, Claire


Unknown said...

These are fantastic beads! I love the red drops. This painting is definitely provoking, inspiring and emotional.

Heather Powers said...

A perfect collection of beads for the challenge. I like the less figurative take!