Friday, April 10, 2015

Inside the Studio with Ema Kilroy and Cherry Blossoms

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Hello Art Beading Friends,
It's been some time since I've had a chance to visit with you. I'm happy to be here today. The day job, family life and snow (as I write this post on April 9th, it snowed ... again! Mother nature has been overbearing this winter.) have kept me incredibly busy over the past few months.

I wish I was better at carving out time to create. Lately I've been feeling a sense of lack in myself because my schedule hasn't allowed time for me to relax and create. Or maybe I haven't properly scheduled the time. Whatver the reason I've had plenty of sources for inspiration!

New glass inspired me.
This scrumptious pink glass, Opal Raspberry, by Reichenbach is simply amazing. It's an incredibly expensive glass. This rod is sold by the ounce whereas most glass rods are priced by the pound. I'm always on the hunt for delicious pink glass so when I saw this I couldn't resist, I had to buy a few rods and I'm glad I did. This is simply a luscious glass to work with. 

Raspberry Cherry Blossom

Opal Raspberry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom heart

Staying with the cherry blossom theme I was inspired by a scarf worn by my friend. She was kind enough to take it off so I could snap a couple photos to use for my inspiration.

 Cherry blossom scarf ....

... becomes Cherry Blossom beads.

I also found inspiration in a blog; Earrings Everyday March Inspiration photos. Our own Erin Prais-Hintz choose some fantastic macro dragonfly photos for the March inspiration. Here is just one. I just love these photos!

Macro Inspirations

I'd like to explore these macro photos a bit more. The color combinations and the macro nature of the photos light my creative fires!

(Side note: I'll be listing these beads in my shop on Sunday morning. The beads have been added to my shop on Etsy)

As always, thanks for visiting ABS today.

Please share with me how you manage your time.

Answer this question to win a $20 gift certificate to my shop.

 How do you work creative time into your schedule?

Ema Kilroy is a lampworker and metalsmith living and working in Central Massachusetts. 


Saraccino said...

Hu, that is a question I am struggling quite often with. I try to get a little bit done every day after my regular work. Even if we only talk about ten minutes or so. It will all add up and after some weeks I am surprised about how much I acutally got done! But... the more stress there is, the more over hours I have to work, the less I have the energy to do so. Even though I know that it would help my nerves, would calm me as well as provide me with some more energy ;) So I try just to to a little bit every day. If I don't feel creative, I would sort my stuff or make material like headpins. Just something, no matter how big or small, but at least every day :)

And I am in love with your scarf inspired beads! :)

Jess Green said...

Having a full time job and a busy social schedule can mean finding time to bead a bit difficult! The solution? Being up until 6am on a Friday or Saturday night seems to work for me!

Divya N said...

Having a full time teaching job leaves me hardly any time to bead or blog but I find that by consistently allotting 2-3 hours a day (everyday) for jewelry goes a long way in getting things done

Unknown said...

It's always going on either with a scetch book, dreams, as I look all around me I am thinking about my projects, and doing.

Anonymous said...

Retirement helps a LOT to find time. However, it still needs management.
What helps me is to already have something in my mind at least planned for the next day. If I wake up with nothing no matter how small in a planning stage, I'm likely to get to the end of the day with nothing new to admire.
I love your work, by the way.

Deb Fortin said...

Unlike my fellow artists I don't have a full time job outside the home and I find it hard to allot time to be creative.

Inertia is a terrible waster of time.

I usually go to my studio with the intention of cleaning it up and get side-tracked into making something . so I guess THAT is my way of carving our creative time. I CLEAN UP.

Unknown said...

In my book, Rx for Quilters: Stitcher Friendly Advice for EVERY BODY, I have a whole chapter on this question.

It boils down to this: PLANNED Crafting Time, built into your schedule.

FOUND Crafting Time. Crafting during TV and movie time. Crafting while in the kitchen (I sand polymer to the right of the stove while food that needs watching is cooking). Crafting in waiting rooms or school pickup lines (I did this with quilts. I always had a little school pencil box with hand piecing in it).

My book is a Comprehensive Health Care Guide for all women who craft. and Amazon booksellers.

Roxanne Mendoza said...

Great question! I'm in the working full-time boat as some of the others here. So my weekends are balanced between family and crafting. Some weekends I don't even make it into the office to do some crafting. And other weekends I have a free schedule and spend most of my time creating. It is hard to find that balance though.

baymoondesign said...

I pick 3 items that I want to work on each day. I don't have to finish them, but I need to devote 2 hours to them. What isn't finished is carried over to the next day. If some thing is finished I add another project. It works for me.

Sarajo Wentling said...

Now that I've left my day job to make jewelry full time it's still hard to find that dedicated "making" time so many days. Errands, household chores, etc just eat into my day. Like so many other have said, I try to make some time every day to just make. Right now I'm also struggling through a big supply reorganization project so I'm trying to get some of that taken care of each day too. Add in social media for my own business and the gallery I primarily sell in, and I can be left with mere scraps of time for creating. I keep working towards a better balance... maybe I'll find it some day!

I adore your cherry blossom beads and your macro inspired ones are just the type of thing I had been hoping to find in my stash last month!

thecolorofdreams said...

I like to plan out what I would like to do for the week. I usually write things down on paper, but of course I sometimes go down a different path when I get started on a project. If I can check off a few things on my list at the end of the week, then I feel good.

Erin S said...

It's almost always weekends for me. Sometimes I have an idea I'm really excited to try, other times I have a deadline--something for to submit for a magazine or blog. The deadline projects are not as much fun as the ideas, which come without limitations, but it still satisfies the creative itch.

Klassy Joolz said...

I never have enough time as I work Part Time...but may work 4 days a week. My job is psychical as I stand and in motion the whole day. I get very tired at times...and because I'm not a "Spring Chicken" anymore...I sometimes take a nap when I should be designing. Then there's the emails and social media. I try to plan out what I want to make and set beads a side for the days I'm off. I have so many different bead/plans set a side that I will never catch up. I think it is called...hoarding.

Love your Shop! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

Wow! Miss Ema, those are spectacular beads! I, too, have had the creative blues. Due to a lot of illness (each time I recover, something else seems to happen) and a lot of other commitments, I haven't been as connected to my creating as possible. But I also agree that it has to be scheduled in (just like eating and sleeping in my book, LOL! Truly, I have to schedule both of those in my days!). I hope you can find your Mojo again. These are great. And thanks for the shout out about the Earrings Everyday We're All Ears challenge. I would love to have more people hop on over each month and play. April's challenge is a good one and there is still time to get in for the reveal on the 17th! See you there! (So wish I could win...someone will be very lucky indeed!) Enjoy the day. Erin

Anonymous said...

You can usually find me in the studio late at night. That seems to be when the creativity flows best for me. However I want to try scheduling time every day and letting the evening sessions be more like a bonus time. I need the consistency of the regularly scheduled time.

Anonymous said...

I hit "publish" too soon. I meant to tell you that your pink beads are absolutely gorgeous!!!