Saturday, December 12, 2015

4th Day of Christmas :: The Hoots Family Reunion

I went a little nutty making owl pendants last weekend. Every so often I revive the owls and try to add something new. This time I added a whole family of owls to the collection!

I call this the Hoots Family Reunion.

I decided to give them all names, because every time I make one, no two are alike, and the each have distinct personalities that I have no idea who they will be until I put my hands to their little bodies. The only thing I wanted to be sure is that they each got some winterwear, scarves and hats.

I had been playing around with a Stroppel cane this fall that uses up scrap cane clay. I really enjoy making that. So much so that I find myself purposely creating 'scrap' clay to do it! It looked a lot like knitwear, so that is what inspired me.

Then I decided that different branches of the Hoots family would be swooping in for the festivities. First came the Jingle Bunch: Merry, Joy and Pax. They came all the way from the frozen tundra. They have a slightly different look (as they are distant cousins) and are snowy owls, of course, all bundled up in their brightly colored hats and scarves.

And finally came the Northwoods brothers: Fraser, Balsam and Noble. These great grey owls are burly and large with booming hoots that announce their presence. They hail from the northern Rockies and live in tallest fir trees. Their lumberjack buffalo check hats and scarves keep them toasty and they each have a different personality.

Wouldn't these look cute all nestled in the branches of a tree? I thought that with the addition of some wire and some leftover beads they would make a great tree ornament. And of course, once the holiday is over, they can easily be strung on a necklace for a gift that keeps on giving.

Do you have a bin of old jewelry that never sold, or didn't work? If so, you have a great start to ornaments! Earrings and pendants easily translate into adornments for your holiday tree. Last year I made some necklaces with my favorite little Humblebeads houses. These remaining necklaces that didn't sell were languishing in a box... until I removed the pendants and turned them into ornaments. I am sure that you have a box like that in your craft room that has a lot of potential for ornaments. These deserved to be loved and I hope they find a new home on someone's tree this Christmas.

If you are interested in welcoming your own Hoots Family Reunion, the pendants are available in my shop. I have various ones available for immediate shipping (PM me), or I will custom make them for you! They would love to fly in to keep you company over this long cold season. But they are limited edition for the winter and will fly away come spring!

P.S. The free shipping is still on in my shop! (Don't let the 12/4 deadline fool you!) Get your bundles while you can!


Mary Harding said...

What Fun Erin!! Love the way you strung them with your decorative wire work and beads for delightful ornaments!!

baymoondesign said...

Your owls are all very cute!

Divya N said...

Nestled Owl ornaments - sounds like fun. I love your descriptions and the names of the different owls

Anonymous said...

These crack me up! Love that you've given created different branches of the family and named them. And the way they're eyeing each other is a 'hoot'!

Unknown said...

Your inspiration collections are so inspiring! I got my hoot out now I just have to design something.

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

These really are a hoot! I can't decide which set I enjoy most.