Thursday, March 10, 2016

Craft Store Short Cuts by Michelle McCarthy

Some times we need to finish a design in 30 minutes instead of 30 hours, right?  Maybe we have a show coming up, or a gallery to stock up.  Craft store findings paired up with art beads can still make a beautiful piece of jewelry!

I was in Hobby Lobby recently for some easels to display a pottery plate I had made.  Since I was there, of course I took a cruise through the beading section.  They had a few sections marked at 50% off, so that made it even more tempting!  I picked up this multiple chain link that is supposed to hook onto ready made metal bracelet bars.  This is where I'd add my ceramic bracelet topper instead.  And these fun antique bronze rings with a glue pad could hold a small ceramic cabochon. In my basket they went!

The shell and sand dollar cabochons were attached with E600 and I let them dry over night for a tight bond.

For the bracelet, I took one of the lobster claw clasps off and put it in my stash for later.  I got out 2 large gun metal jump rinks and attached the pre made chain to those and used the remaining jump ring for the clasp.  I wire wrapped a 10mm round accent bead onto the bracelet for a little extra movement. Done!

So art beads can add the needed touch to craft store findings in a jiffy.  Enjoy!


baymoondesign said...

Great finds! Your bracelet looks great.

Alice said...

oh Sweet. great finds