Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We Collaborated on this Month's Challenge

Still Life with Pussy Willows by Taisia K. Afonina
Back in February when there were no signs of Pussy Willows coming into bloom, Erin Prais-Hintz, Michelle McCarthy and I (Mary Harding) decided that we would do a collaboration on the April Challenge painting, Still Life with Pussy Willows, as seen above.  We each agreed to make a component based on the theme and palette of the painting and send one to each of us and keep at least one for ourselves.  We would then share what we made with our Art Bead Scene readers on March 22.  What fun!!  Reminds me of the Collaboration Exploration post  Heather, Lorelei and I did back in the day.  You can see that 2007 ArtBeadScene post  HERE .

Today is the reveal of what we made.  I will start with Michelle McCarthy of FireFly Design Studio. Happily Michelle took a picture of what she received in the mail and what she used to  make her pieces with.

As you can see, Erin sent us each one of her Signs of Spring Pendants from her Simple Truths Sample Club.

                             Signs of Spring Pendant by Erin Prais-Hintz of  tesori trovati

 Michelle sent us a set of 10 handmade ceramic beads with a pair of each of  5 colors in the painting.

Handmade ceramic beads by Michelle McCarthy of FireFly Design Studio
I sent each of us a handmade ceramic bracelet bar of Pussy Willows that grow in Northern New York. I made several of these, each in different colors and a slightly varied image, as you will see.

                                Pussy Willow Bracelet bar by MaryHardingJewelry

Now for what  Michelle made:

Michelle used the pearls you saw in the  picture and hand knotted them with the gray waxed linen.  She chose the pearls because of their resemblance to the catkins that develop into what we know as pussy willows.  The necklace has a wonderful open and delicate look that goes so well with Erin's pendant.

Next Michelle used my pussy willow bracelet bar and small bird charm in a lovely Spring design.
                           Spring bracelet by Michelle McCarthy of FireFly Design Studio

For this bracelet, she used large hole pearls which she paired with 10mm ceramic rounds and 4 strands of tiny blue Czech glass beads which she strung on linen.  A ceramic bird which I sent to both Erin and Michelle, hangs off the bracelet and makes the perfect charm, she tells me. I love the combination of the larger elements like the bracelet bar and the pearls with those tiny wonderfully blue seed beads.  Such an inviting and assuring bracelet for this time of year when one day is not at all like the next and snow and warm weather mix together for one last blast or two of winter.


What Erin Made:

Erin started with the bracelet bar. She says she wanted to frame this pretty piece to give it a more dynamic presentation. She used copper sheet that was shaped and hand-cut, hammered for texture and used Liver of Sulfur to give it an aged patina. Simply tying it all together with dark copper leather cord by knotting large hole pearls and finishing with an antique button make this bracelet easy to pull together in a flash.

Next, Erin used her pendant for a necklace along with the wee ceramic bird. She took a cue from Heather Powers' book Beautiful Elements and made a catkin-inspired bail from copper wire (similar to the Reflecting Motif bracelet link in the book, p. 44). Repeating the large hole pearls, the colors play well with the ceramic bird. As luck would have it, Erin found this swirl rose clasp from fellow editor Rebecca Anderson  of the Curious Bead Shop for a perfect finish.

The matched sets of ceramic beads from Michelle were screaming to be earrings, so Erin whipped up a rainbow for your ears. These beads were perfect for that use! She paired them with Humblebeads disk beads (she has quite the hoard of these little beads and the colors match perfectly!) and each pair goes with the bracelet and necklace for an added bonus.

What Mary Made:
I used Erin's Signs of Spring pendant in a necklace, too.  I went with the darker colors of Spring, probably because I live in the Northeast.  I love the gold hues in the painting and was able to find a set of golden beads in what Michelle sent and in some seed beads I had.  I used a bib bail that I purchased from Lima Beads to give the Pussy Willows a special setting.  The chain is handmade by me from annealed steel wire.  I love its gray black color that feels like cold cloudy days but has the beauty and warmth of aged pewter.
                                                    handmade steel chain

      Necklace made with tesori trovati Signs of Spring pendant by Mary Harding

My favorite piece that I made for this collaboration is my bracelet wrap.  I never tire of making bracelet wraps and I love to mix lots of textures and colors when I do.  For this one I used a variety of wires and chain.  I was happy to be able to polish up some of the brass with my sanding block and turn it into a golden color.  The steel nest links that I made from Heather Power's new book, Beautiful Elements, gave me some gray and some more shine to add.  Michelle's beautiful ceramic beads brought out the colors in the bracelet bar, as you can see in the picture below.
                      Promise of Spring wrapped bracelet by Mary Harding

I really enjoyed this opportunity to work with Erin and Michelle's beads.  It was really fun and very relaxing to make them a component and then to put them all together into jewelry.  Erin makes a new component each month inspired by the painting and was delighted to share this with her talented colleagues. Michelle tells me she had a fun time making her contributions as well.  I hope we get a chance to do this again sometime in the future.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what we did and what we made.
Thanks so much for stopping by.


Firefly Design Studio said...

All so unique and all so stunning! I really enjoyed being a part of this months challenge.

Gloria Allen said...

Beautiful pieces all,Luv what Erin did with the bracelet bar my fav from her, Michele's Bracelet, my fave from her, Mary I especialy love the handmade chain in your Necklace.

TesoriTrovati said...

This was so much fun! I love how all of our components worked together so well, despite our different tastes and mediums! Thank you for joining in with me, Miss Michelle and Miss Mary! Enjoy the day. Erin

Bijoux Gems Joy said...

These are all so lovely. Being from Ontario I tend to think of spring the same way as Mary so can see where the influences for Mary's look come in. This year has not felt that way but we've been having some grey days lately and there's a threat of another winter storm before April is ushered in.

The idea of using pearls for the catkins is brilliant. Though I love all the interpretations I think that one is my favourite necklace. This pendant is the last one I received for my subscription to the Simple Truths Sample club. My year is expired now and I will miss receiving those little treasures in the mail. Unfortunately the conversion to Cdn is a killer right now.

The mounting of the bracelet bar to the hammered copper makes the colours shine. I was toying around with that concept awhile ago but never got to making anything. Maybe it's time to revisit the concept.

The way the ceramic beads were used in all the pieces, to interpret the inspiration, is brilliant. The mix of smooth and "rough", bright and dark, is great. Love all the uses.

DVArtist said...

All of these are wonderful. Everything worked perfectly.

fairiesmarket said...

I love how each designer's personality shines through and how differently the components were used to make beautiful pieces of jewelry. This was a great collaboration. I hope you do another.

Kristen said...

These jewelry pieces are all gorgeous!! I love the way the hammered copper, dark metal, and leather works with the amazing art beads and components. The colors are subdued but Spring like. Just perfect!

Terri said...