Saturday, March 26, 2016

Learning new techniques

I love discovering new artists! What's even better is finding an artist who is willing to share their ideas & techniques!!

I am a NEW fan of Nikolina Otrzan, a self taught polymer clay and mixed media artist from Croatia.
Her work is so lovely and could spend hours admiring her Flickr page

Nikolina loves teaching new techniques and discovering new ways of developing her ideas into her pieces. She has an exceptional eye for color and I adore the worn scratchiness of each piece. 

I recently downloaded one of  her classes via CraftArtEdu and am SO anxious to dive in and learn! Thank you for sharing your talents, Nikolina. You inspire me.


Unknown said...

I agree with everything you said and anytime there is a rustic quality to something I'm all in! Thanks for presenting such an exciting artist!

Rebecca said...

I love these pieces Heather! I love discovering new-to-me artists too :-)