Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A New Facebook Group

I am  feeling very lucky this week to be one of the featured artists on Janice Everett's new Facebook Group Artisans Create Together.  I sent the picture above to Janice among many others and answered questions about my life and my art in preparation for this event. If you follow this link you will be right on the page where she begins her writing about me.
But this post is about more than my special week, it is about this very special Facebook Group that might be just right for you too.
Artisans Create Together Facebook Group is a Share oriented Community/Networking Group. As Janice describes her group "Our Goal is to create Connections, Unity, and Positive Energy/Vibes".
There are some great features in this group that encourage participation and give members a chance to share their creativity with others.  The focus is not on selling but there are opportunities for that as well during individual and group Trunk Shows, and Open Artisan Times. The focus is on handmade artisan components and handmade artisan jewelry .
But there is much more.  Each month Janice puts up an inspirational photo that could be a color palette, a work of art or fashion or something from nature and at the end of the month members are invited to show what they have made using these palettes.
 Another really cool feature is the COMPONENT GIVE-AWAY & CHALLENGE. Again all members are eligible to participate. I was very impressed with the work shared on  Reveal Day last month.  You can see them HERE.
In addition to being a featured artist, there are othe events and opportunities for artisan involement. I hope I have piqued your curiosity about this group. I encourage you to go to check  it out and peruse the Files tab to find out more and how you can be a participating member as well.
I will be in a shared Trunk Show on Friday of this week and I hope you will come and see what I have made. Right now this new work is slowing cooling off in my kiln.

               sneak peek of new work in the process of being glazed by Mary Harding

Thanks so much for stopping by today.



This is so sweet of you Mary! Thanks so much for sharing Artisans Create Together Group - we've been growing steadily over our first two months open, as more and more people catch on to what we are about.

As for your feature, it has been so much fun learning more about you, your background, your creative place, and of course your fabulous beads and pendants! Looking forward to sharing more today and tomorrow.

This Group is a pay-it-forward for me - and has given me the opportunity to highlight so many of my Artisan friends, their creative thoughts, and of course their creations. It's been so refreshing to focus on everything in a positive light, while highlighting the importance of what's in the heart, and the meaning behind what inspires us to create. It's truly inspiring to share!

Once again - thanks so much for all your kinds words!

Anonymous said...

Love the coffee can drying rack. An artist's ingenuity knows no bound.

baymoondesign said...

Looks like some gorgeous pieces!