Thursday, October 27, 2016

Doodle Designs and Ceramic Bead Making

I love to doodle and have been doing it since I was a young child.  Like when I was supposed to be listening to the teacher in class or to the professor while lecturing in college - Lol.  My doodles are being brought to life with my ceramic beads.  Let me show you!

This is fired ceramic bisque so it is porous.  That makes it not stick when I press the wet clay on top to transfer the image.  Then I use an exacto knife or cookie cutter to get a final shape.  This first picture is random lines, dots and circles placed in somewhat of a pattern.

These are simple line animals that take on a new life in clay and with different glaze techniques.  The finished piece has the lines sitting 3D on top of the ceramic base.  You will see a finished disc in the last picture.

These doodles are actually textures taken from an old crocheted doily, a piece of burlap and a sea shell.  So nature and items around your home can give interesting results, too.

Here is the swirly circle with little line accents.  I cut it into a 40mm circle and made it a large disc by putting another hole in the middle.  I glazed it in shiny ice blue.  This is a fun cabochon, too!

I have a board on my Pinterest page with lots of doodling ideas.  You can find it here:

I welcome you to try it with other craft mediums, too.  Have fun!  Michelle McCarthy

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Summer said...

These are really so cute ♥