Friday, October 28, 2016

Inside the Studio with Mary Harding Jewelry

Each week one of our contributors gives you a sneak peek into their studio, creative process, or inspirations. We ask a related question of our readers and hope you will leave  comments!  As an incentive, we offer a PRIZE each week to encourage you to use that keyboard and tell us what you think.

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Here are the results from the last Inside the Studio post.

Congratulations to Laura Souder Studio You are the winner of a $20.00 gift certificate from MaryHardingJewelry.  Please contact Mary to claim your prize.
       Now you can see how these turned out.  Visit Artisans Create Together Trunk Show                                  going on all day today Oct. 28, 2016

Welcome to Inside My Studio this Week.  Thank you all for your  heart felt comments on my last Inside the Studio post and for welcoming me back. I see a common theme in your replies that we all share a very strong need to create.  How wonderful that is.  Since I broke my ankle, I have a great respect for our ability to be resilient in times of change and mishap.  I find that very reassuring and I see that all of you would manage just fine too.  Thanks so for taking the time to share your thoughts and stories with me.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This week I have been busy for preparing for my first on line trunk show which is just starting on the Facebook Group Artisans Create Together.  I am please to be a part of this show which includes all the featured artists this week in that group, namely,  Mary HardingLila KobersteinNora Lee PriceSharleen Newland, and Linda Younkman .
So my kilns have been firing and I have been busy glazing my work and getting it posted. I made a template of the basic information needed to list an auction and then used it for each piece as I entered them onto the site. That way I only had to add the title of the piece, the auction price, and a short description of each piece. I chose to go with  a BIN (buy it now) price  since this Trunk Show is for one day only.
 I found that it is much faster to use the camera on my slightly( luckily) outdated Samsung Note II phone.   It takes wonderful pictures AND I found it is good in low light.  We  have had a gray rainy week so that was also very helpful.  Once I got my pictures edited the way I wanted them, I made a new folder titled Artisans Create Together and put them  in there so I would not have to scroll thru so many pictures the way I often do.  It has been such a snap to get the  photos in this small collection of pictures. What I had been dreading as an overwhelming task has turned out to be quite easy and quick.  As I write up the auctions, I don't save them but just change the template.  I find it much faster to do this as I go rather than do the write ups beforehand,  save them, and then have to retrieve them.  It also means that I don't dump too much data on FB all at once which can get it to freeze up.  
So now about half of the pieces I will have up for sale are listed.  I will add more later today.  I  hope you will stop by and take a look.  Here is a short preview of what I have listed so far.
Red Daisy Cabochon by Mary Harding Jewelry

Rustic Birch Leaves Pendant by MaryHardingJewelry

Chamomile Pendant by MaryHardingJewelry

Red Purple Thistle Pendant by MaryHardingJewelry

Multicolor Striped Toggle Clasp by MaryHardingJewelry

Now for our question for today:  What kinds of shortcuts have you found help you add work on the internet either on Facebook or Etsy or your website? Share you insights in the comments section below and you will be automatically entered to win a $20.00 gift certificate from my Etsy Shop.  I am still working on getting that updated but it should happen soon.
Thanks so much for stopping by today.


baymoondesign said...

I get up early and spend about an hour promoting my etsy site or others and then I try to stay off of Etsy the rest of the day. I find compacting my social media advertising to one time period helps me focus and what jewelry or cards I am making for the day. I also try to blog at least once a week and I will devote time on multiple days to this. By coming back to blog I can add more content and find typos.

Terri Del Signore said...

Hi Mary!! I am in love with that red daisy!! I also store a template for listing items. It's funny though because I don't always bother to take the time to find shortcuts!! Sounds silly but it's true! Sometimes shortcuts mean learning a new app or way of doing something - and that in itself takes time!! But it is usually always worth it in the end!!

Anonymous said...

Love hearing about your template short cut, Mary! Great idea. Your photos are crisp and clean. I'm in love with that Rustic Birch Leaves pendant, but all these are miniature works of art!

Ann Schroeder said...

Your pieces are just beautiful! I only have to maintain a blog, so I have it easy! I make sure to do what I can when I have time, so if I have a blog hop and haven't gotten pictures yet, I'll write the post with a placeholder to insert pictures later. I also keep a list of hops on the side of my blog to keep track, and a box to put challenge kits in so I don't waste time looking for them when I'm ready to work.

Karin G said...

Your work is amazing as always! As for shortcuts, I don't have any except trying to keep track of what I'm doing and staying organized, but I have only a blog to take care of...

Erin S said...

Love the pendants! I don't have much in the way of shortcuts, but I do copy and paste descriptions on my etsy shop if items are similar.

fairiesmarket said...

Hi Mary: I love your new pendants. I was sad to learn that I missed out on the thistle pendant (darn). I don't have many shortcuts to share because my Etsy shop is so outdated. I make a lot of jewelry that never makes it to the site. When I do post on Etsy I share on Pinterest & Instagram.

I'm going to take a class on Etsy at the local WESST in November.