Monday, October 31, 2016

October Monthly Challenge Recap

October brings with it a change in the weather, and a definite burst of color. I fell in love with this art glass lamp, how about you? Such a beautiful color palette, with the warm golden and deep russet and the cool touches of lavender and plum. I am sure that this lamp must be quite the sight all lit up!

I have been itching to do a new Symbol Bead in the series (I have two others… Frida’s Triumph and Tide Pool Treasures). And I needed to come up with something for an exciting new art exhibit called "The Art of the Bead" at Allegory Gallery (check it out!). This seemed like the perfect opportunity to slay those two birds with one {polymer clay} stone, so to speak. I created a mold of a Victorian dragonfly metal stamping and wanted to mimic the coloration of the lamp with the leaves at the bottom. I don’t normally go for a shiny finish on anything, but since the inspiration is a glass lamp, I thought a gloss finish would be appropriate. I call this Symbol Bead On Gossamer Wings.

Dragonflies and butterflies were all the rage in Art Nouveau stylings. Their fantasy colors and intricate wing patterns fascinated the Art Nouveau artists, as well as their stylized curving lines that hinted at the gracefulness of the art of this period. Dragonflies are a transformative symbol, delicate and graceful, yet powerful. They just skim the surface where they alight leaving a trail of happiness wherever they land. Using dragonflies and butterflies are sure to bring happiness to those who wear your jewelry designs!

Now let's see what everyone else did....

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