Wednesday, December 14, 2016

12 Days of Christmas: Day 2 - Leather and Screw Rivet Bracelet Tutorial

Bracelet measures 8”

Bracelet cuff
8" 18 or 19 gauge wire
2 15mm brass jump rings
10” leather strap ½” wide
18mm x 20mm copper E hook clasp
4 micro 1” screw and nut sets
Metal punch
Wire cutters
Scissors Bench block
Ball peen hammer


1. Cut the leather strap into a 3" and 3 1/2" lengths. Fold the end of the leather strap over at 1/2” from the end. Punch a hole through the overlapped leather pieces ¼” from end. Turn the leather piece over and punch threw the hole on the back of the piece one more time. Tip: Always punch the hole from the top of the leather strap.

2. Thread the screw half way through the leather strap with the finished end facing up on top of the leather straps. Insert the clasp on the leather and fold the leather over. Push the screw through the back of the leather strap.

3. Thread on the nut on the screw on the back of the leather.

4. Use chain nose pliers to tighten the nut securely.

5. Trim off the end of the screw with wire cutters, flush to the nut.

6. Place the bracelet with the nut side up on top of the bench block, lightly tap the cut off end of the bolt with the ball peen hammer to flatten the end slightly.

7. Repeat on the other side of the leather, without adding the clasp.

8. On the longer piece of leather, make a loop that's 3/4” long that will be the loop for the clasp. Repeat the steps to rivet this side of the leather. Create another 1/2" loop on the other end of the leather and repeat the steps to rivet this side

9. Cut 4" of wire, insert wire half way through the hole on one side of the cuff. Fold both pieces of wire over the edge of the cuff and with round nose pliers create a wrapped loop with one side of wire. Wrap the other side of the wire around the wrapped loop. Trim off excess wire and tuck in the end of the wire with chain nose pliers. Repeat on the other side of the cuff.

10. Insert a 15mm jump ring though the smaller loop on the leather piece, add loop of the cuff and close jump ring. Turn the end of the jump ring so it's inside the leather loop. Repeat on the other side.

Resources: All materials can be found at Lima Beads. Bracelet cuffs can be found at

Watch a live video demonstration of the project here.

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