Thursday, December 22, 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Day 5: Dove Earrings

I wanted to showcase these tiny charms by giving them a pop of color for a backdrop. Enameled leaf charms offered the perfect touch of color for these holiday dove earrings. Adapt this design with any combination of small charms and leaves to create a sweet pair of earrings for any season.

2 dove charms
2 enamel ivy leaf charms
6 8mm faceted dyed pearls
4 5mm brass jump rings
4 7mm brass jump rings
6 2mm copper headpins.
2 brass earwires

1. Attach 2 5mm brass jump rings to an enamel ivy leaf charm.
2. Attach the last jump ring on the leaf charm and the dove charm to a 7mm jump ring.
3. String a pearl on a headpin, create a wrapped loop. Repeat with all 6 pearls.
4. Open a 7mm jump ring, string on the charms, a pearl on each side. Close jump ring.
5. Open earwire, string through the last jump ring. String on a pearl dangle. Close earwire.

Resources: Charms: Gaea. Leafs: Gardanne Beads. Pearls: your local bead store.


Gaea said...

These are so lovely, Heather!

Kolkata fashion said...
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