Friday, December 23, 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Day 6: Frosted Evergreen Necklace

Mary Harding offered these mini tree ornaments a few weeks back and when it arrived I couldn't help but think it would make a great pendant and plan to wear it through the winter season. I mixed the evergreen pendant with a collection of ceramic and polymer clay beads paired up with matte amazonite beads and a small jasper rounds beads. To open up the strand of rondelle beads I added tiny 11/0 antique copper seed beads and the whole create is knotted on sage green Irish waxed linen.

ceramic pendant
15mm ceramic round beads
20mm polymer clay disk
81 8mm matte amazonite rondelles
16 6mm round jasper beads
1 6mm bronze electroplated hematite
2 4mm copper flat spacers
96 11/0 antique copper seed beads
8mm copper jump ring
15mm brass jump ring
6" 19 gauge steel wire (or 18 gauge copper wire)
22 x 18mm large hole clasp
52" waxed Irish linen*

Length: 26"

*I have a terrible habit of underestimating how much linen I use. I would rather have extra than not enough for a project. You can always use the tiny bits for accents on earrings.

1. Create a large loop 2" from the bottom of the wire. Open the loop and slide on the pendant. Close the loop and wrap the wire around the top of the loop two times. Trim excess wire and tuck in the tail. 

(If using steel wire be sure to treat it first by rubbing it with paper toweling, then rub the surface with extra fine steel wool and a very light coat of Renaissance wax.) 

2. String on a rondelle, spacer, ceramic round bead, spacer and hematite bead. Create a wrapped loop on top of the last bead, trim extra wire and tuck in the tail.

3. Attach the jump ring to the top of the pendant. Fold the the waxed linen in half and slide the center through the jump ring, open the loop of linen and reach down to grab the other cords, pull them through the loop to form a lark's knot. 

4. On one side the linen string on one seed bead, one rondelle. Repeat four mores. String on one seed bead. Create a simple knot. String on one jasper bead, knot. 

5. Repeat step 4 six more times. And repeat the pattern on the other side of the waxed linen. 

6. Attach the clasp and jump rings with simple knots, knot the cord several times to secure them. Trim off the excess cord.

Resources: Tree Pendant: Mary Harding. Ceramic Round: Gaea. Polymer clay disks: Humblebeads. 15mm jump ring, stones and waxed linen: Lima Beads. Clasp: Stink Dog Beads. Copper seed beads: Fusion Beads.

Mary sent me two teeny tiny charms as a gift and I had to make holiday earrings with them! I used a brass eyepin with a spacer, polymer clay disk bead, Vintaj flower bead cap and pearl. A wrapped loop finishes the top. The tree charms are attached with an 8mm jump ring and brass earwires are attached to the top.


Mary Harding said...

I love how these came out Heather. My jaw dropped when I first saw them on Facebook. You made wonderful settings for both the Chistmas tree pendant and the two small tree charms. Thanks so much for sharing these.

patodat said...

Another wonderful tutorial. Thanks for all you do