Monday, December 26, 2016

12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 - Feather Earrings

Use artisan headpins to whip up earrings in minutes! These lovely ceramic feathers are from Artisticaos. They can be hard to find as Terri works in small batches, but you can adapt this project with any artisan headpins.

2 ceramic headpins
2 brass flower bead caps
2 8mm faceted rock crystal rondells
2 6mm rhinestone rondelles
2 6mm faceted pearls
34 11/0 nickel seed beads
2 brass earwires

1. On the headpin string on one seed bead, bead cap, stone rondelle, rhinestone rondelle, pearl.

2. Bend the wire on the headpin over at a 45 degree angle from the headpin. String on 16 seed beads. Form the wire into a loop and create and wrap the wire under the seed bead loop 2-3 times. Trim off access wire and tighten the end with chain nose pliers.

3. Attach earwire in the center of the seed bead loop. 

Supplies: Ceramic feathers: Artisticaos. Bead caps, earwires and rhinestone rondelles: Hobby Lobby. Pearls and stones: Rings & Things


Terri Del Signore said...

Oh Heather I just love what you did with these!!

Jean said...

Love the beaded loops.

bairozan said...

The loop with the seed beads on top is neat! I love the diverse stack!