Monday, March 7, 2016

Amuse the Muse - birds and butterflies - with Rebecca of Songbead

Happy Monday everyone! It's March. Who's feeling happy about that? *Puts both hands up* Yep, I'm super happy that Spring is springing here in the UK - days are getting longer, there's a bit more sunshine about and (despite some snow in parts this week!) things are generally a little bit less bitter than they have been! 

As I'm in the mindset of Spring - change, growth and regeneration - I thought that this month we'd look at things with wings - butterflies and birds. Some of my favourite elements to work with - sure, they can both be overdone, but that's because they are such enduring symbols of growth and change - and also rather pretty!

Firstly, a pair of earrings of mine along this theme:

I just love this design - sweet birdies, handwoven colours glass orbs and then the airiness of the open rings and tiny flowers beneath. Pretty much classic Songbead! I love long earrings, but the negative space and the way the flowers can move give this pair a fluttering delicacy that makes me happy. Handwoven glass {song}beads, sterling silver rings, pins and earwires from me (you can shop most of these at The Curious Bead Shop), porcelain birdies from Something to do beads. You can pick up these earrings here.

Let's look at some offerings from the Art Bead Scene Team:

Tarri Sasser - love the delicacy of the dragonfly's wings!

Mary Harding - take a stroll through Mary's shop and you will really imagine that you are with her in her garden - it's wonderful!

Heather Millican - Swoondimples - Heather has a whole selection of cheeky, chattering birds in her shop at the moment - I struggled to choose but these ones looked so happy on their bright blue backdrop!

Michelle McCarthy - Firefly Design Studio - Michelle has a couple of there feathers in her shop - I just love this mottled glaze, absolutely beautiful!

Heather Powers - Humblebeads - the colours of Heather's pendant are just magical! I love how the magenta, burnt umber and amethyst purple melt into one another.

Tesoro Trovati - Erin Prais-Hintz - and last but not least, Erin's pendant really just sums up what March feels like to me. Potential, positivity and hope. 

If you have any bird, butterfly or other winged creature beads that you'd like to share then do leave your links in the comments below - we'd love to see! 

Rebecca is a Scottish jewellery designer; currently living in the capital city of Edinburgh. You can read more about her and her work at her blog, and see more of her jewellery at She also has a supplies shop at

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