Monday, December 12, 2016

6th Annual Ornament Blog Hop

Happy Holidays to our wonderful Art Bead Scene readers. We hope no matter how you celebrate the winter holidays that this time of year finds you in good health with an abundance of creativity!

Today we are gathering together for our 6th annual Ornament Blog Hop and we invite you to still join us all week if you haven't made an ornament yet. The premise is simple, create an ornament with handmade compoments and blog about. Share your blog post in the InLinkz tool below to join in the fun.
Rustic Ornaments
More than half the ornaments on my tree are handmade and most of those have beads included. They are my favorites and get placed prominently on our tree. This year I made three rustic woodland ornaments to add to my collection. I wanted to add a little twist to these ones and decided fiber covered wire ornament hooks would be perfect to the metal and ceramic components. 

Large hole ceramic bead
12" fiber wire

Resources: Rustic metal pendants from Lipstick Ranch via Lima Beads. Faceted ceramic bead: Firefly Design Studio. Round ceramic: White Clover Kiln. Scrolled Ceramic: Allegory Gallery. Fiber Wire: East of the Sun West of the Moon. Leaf was an inexpensive pewter piece from a bead shop that I used Swellegant Patina to color. 

1. With round nose pliers create a very small hook at the end of the wire and close the hook tightly with chain nose pliers. This catches the end of the fiber to the wire and secured it. You can add a little drop of Fray Check to the end of the fiber too. Do this to both ends of the wire. 

2. Pull 1 1/4" of fiber wire through the pendant. Bend the two ends of the wire straight up. Take the smaller piece of wire and wrap around the longer wire to create a wrapped loop.

3. String on the ceramic bead. Create a large loop on top of the bead with the fiber wire, leaving a 1 1 1 1/4" tail on the end. 

4. Create a wrapped loop on top of the bead with the remaining fiber wire. 

Share your handmade ornament blog post in the links below by Friday at 12pm EST to be entered to win a $30 gift certificate! 

Now your turn! 
Grab those beads and make an ornament to share with us or if you already have, share your link below. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

Reminder: this ornament hop is inclusive and open to all winter celebrations.

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Still join in the fun! 

I will accept a link from your biz Facebook page (make sure it's a direct link to your post on Facebook). Make sure to share your ornament story with us on the post too. 

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baymoondesign said...

Great ornaments and components! Thanks for organizing this blog hop. Always fun!

bairozan said...

I love the rustic take on Christmas ornaments! I'm going to visit all the other blogs for more inspiration, which, as seen from the linked pictures, is abundant :)

Divya N said...

I was caught in the middle of a cyclone and power outage and couldn't participate, sorry! But I am linking up an upcycled ornament that I made last month hoping that I can do that.

Andrew Thornton said...

So many lovely holiday creations! Delightful!