Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hello March,  Hello Spring, Hello Polymer Headpins :: By the Earring Whisperer ::

All I can think about is the coming of Spring and pastels! So, I thought I'd share some unbelievable new art beads I purchased from Kimberly Rogers of Numinosity Beads! I'm already planing my next order! I'm a sick woman...but, please, don't help me...lol

These focal beauties are headpins! They are big and bold but since they are made of polymer clay, are super light weight which allows you to go little wild with the embellishments.  

The accent beads are from my dear friend, Kay Mallery! I have a deep collection of her work... 'bout, ankle deep actually!  She makes so many colors  that you'll need them all! These are from her stringer series, and are a favorite of mine. She tells me these started out as a mistake but it's getting harder to make that "mistake" on purpose!  Ahhh, gotta love happy accidents!

To mix things up I added some vintage chain links. I adore the pattern on these links, which look very much like an Egyptian eye! In fact, now that I'm thinking about it....the whole piece has an Egyptian flavor.  Funny how that happens even when you don't plan for it.

Well, I hope you enjoy the colors and textures! I appreciate you checking out my little blog post each month! 

Thank you!

Loralee :)

Loralee Kolton Jewelry 


2 polymer clay headpins with a long wire of approx. 4"
2 faceted African etched spacers
2 lampwork stringer spacers
2 4mm jonquil Swarovski crystals
2 24g oxidized copper wire, 4 - 6" approx.
4 24g., pcs. 2" oxidized copper wire *optional
2 ornate links of chain 25mm oval
2 earwires, Vintaj


1.)  Taking your headpin, string on the etched African bead, the stringer bead and lastly your bicone crystal.

2.)  Attach your chain link using a wrapped loop. I added a coiling of fine wire on each end of the link, but that is optional.

3. ) Using a piece of 4-6", 24g wire, go back and add it in between the headpin and the first strung bead by tightly      wrapping it around and around, then tucking in the end with your chain nose pliers.

4.)  Add your earwires. I chose shorter earwires due to the long length of the design.


Polymer clay head pins:  Kimberly Rogers of Numinosity Beads www.numinositybeads.etsy.com 
Lampwork "stringer" beads:  Reflections - Kay Mallery  https://www.facebook.com/Reflections-Kay-Mallery
African recycled glass:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/yukidesigns
Vintage Chain links:  Offered by many shops on Etsy.com
Oxidized Wire:  www.artwearelements.etsy.com 
Earwires:  Vintaj


Firefly Design Studio said...

Really pretty earrings! I need to check out Kay's and Kimberly's shops!

Numinosity said...

Thanks so much for featuring my headpins in such a wonderful way. I love the earrings and Kay's beads are perfect!

Loralee said...

Thank you so much, Michelle!

Ann Schroeder said...

These earrings are beautiful as always! Your jewelry is an inspiration. I love looking at it. It's also fun to read your posts to understand what goes into it.