Friday, March 31, 2017

March Monthly Challenge Recap

Ahhhh, Spring! How much I have missed you!

Every day with the lightening of the skies, the appearance of patches of green, the scent of fresh earth and the peeping sounds of our feathered friends all a-twitter I am embracing the changing of the seasons. Even when the wind blows the rain sideways and one moment it will be sunny, the next blustery. Spring is here to stay! (That doesn't mean I am putting away my snow-blower....we can have snow into late May and beyond!).

Isn't it a glorious time of year?

We were inspired by the birds, the nests, the thorny branches, the blue skies and the yellow blooms. Let's see what we created!

Now it is your turn! If you created a post someplace about your creation, be sure to share it here to be in the draw for some great prizes!

1 comment:

fairiesmarket said...

What a beautiful display of artful creations. One of my favorites so far.