Saturday, July 21, 2007

Findings Worth Finding: Jangles Magnetic Clasps!

Magnetic clasps are an easy closing alternative to the traditional spring ring clasp. A plain magnetic clasp is nice and a colorful one is even better! Here's a new ceramic magnetic clasp from Jennifer of Jangles. A brightly colored magnetic clasp to complement your jewelry design. In addition to her wonderful clasps, Jennifer has designed brightly colored ceramic hoops too!


Andrew Thornton said...

Just don't use a magnetic clasp if you have a pace-maker!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

There are many advantages in using magnetic clasps. The most know advantage will be that it helps to securely bond the elements together. We can see a clasps in almost every jewelry, whether it is a bangle or an ear ring. A magnetic clasp can make the jewelry much more attractive. More over these it has some scientifically proven advantages. The continuous use of these helps in increasing the oxygen supply to the blood, which in turn create heat among the body tissues.

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