Thursday, December 25, 2008

On the 12th Day of Christmas: Winter Branches Necklace


3 Branch Disk Beads in Blue
3 oval wood beads
3 faceted glass 6mm rondells
1 fluted 6mm silver bead
1 fluted 10 mm silver bead
2 grey 3mm faceted fire-polished glass beads
10 nickel size 11/0 seed beads
6 silver 5mm flat spacers
1 gunmetal 18" chain
6 gunmetal 1" eye pins
1 gunmetal 2" eye pin
8 gunmetal 6mm jump rings

1. On the 1" headpin string a seed bead, 6mm fluted silver bead and a seed bead. Trim wire and create loop with round nose pliers. Attach a jump ring to both sides.

2. On the 2" headpin string 1 nickel bead, 1 wood bead, repeat 2 times, string 1 seed bead. Trim wire and create loop with round nose pliers. Attach a jump ring to one end. Attach to the fluted dangle with a jump ring.

3. String 1 flat spacer, 1 disk bead, 1 flat spacer on 1" headpin, trim wire and create loop. Repeat 2 times. Attach one of the disks to the wood dangle with a jump ring. Attach each dangle with a jump ring.

4. String a 3mm firepolish bead, 10mm fluted silver, 3mm firepolish bead, trim wire and create a loop, attach the disk beads with a jump ring.

5. String a seed bead, faceted glass, repeat 2 times, string another seed bead. Trim wire and create a loop. Attach to the firepolish beads with a jump ring and add another jump ring on the other side of the faceted glass dangle.

6. Cut chain in half with heavy cutters. Attach linked components with jump rings to both ends of chain.


Anonymous said...

I just love this necklace!Ya'll have come up with some of the best Christmas jewelry and ornaments that I've seen on the web.But I'm going to try to make this out my supplies.With luck,it will be close to this necklace,which is awesome.I'll settle for pretty good.Thankyou,art bead scene,for all the ideas you've given us this season.I hope everyone had great Christmas!

Heather Powers said...

Thank you gail! I hope you had a wonderful and peaceful holiday.

Andrew Thornton said...

Nicely done! Good job. This is really lovely.